какви такси се плащат на Пейпол

  • Nikolay Kolev
    Зададен на 6 юли 2023 г. в 11:40


    Колко ще бъде таксата ако изпратя от България за САЩ

    на 100$

    на 20$

    на 700$


    Нииолай Колев

  • david__sanchez
    Отговорено на 6 юли 2023 г. в 13:47

    Hi Nikolay,

    Thanks for contacting Jotform Support. I'll be using a translation tool to provide assistance. If you'd prefer to receive support in Bulgarian, let us know and we'll forward you over to our Bulgarian Team. However, it may take longer to receive a reply.

    As for your question on PayPal fees, Jotform doesn't charge any additional fees when using PayPal as your payment gateway. Keep in mind though that PayPal may charge fees of their own. You can check PayPal's documentation on their fees for more information.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.