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Събирайте пари с Jotform и Square веднага!

Никога не е било по-лесно едновременното събиране на информация за клиенти и плащания. Спестете до $ 1000 при такси за обработка, при транзакции с карти в платежните форми на Jotform, когато се регистрирате със Square .

Build a secure payment form

Build a secure payment form

Creating a custom payment form with Jotform is simple — just drag and drop your desired form fields.

Add Square

Добавете Square

Изберете иконата на Square като платежна опция в конструктора на форми, след което просто свържете акаунта си, като влезете.

Start receiving payments

Start receiving payments

Once you’ve connected your account, it’s ready to process payments instantly.

Надеждна обработка на плащания

Get paid right away with Jotform and Square

It’s never been easier to collect customer information and payments simultaneously. Save up to $1,000 in card transaction processing fees via Jotform payment forms when you sign up with Square.


No matter the size of your business, school, or nonprofit, you need a painless way to collect money. Jotform is perfect for handling your company’s online orders, event registration tickets, or donations. Get started with a Jotform payment form today!

Jotform believes that accepting payments should be as easy as collecting someone’s name or email. That’s why we make sure that setting up an order form with our drag-and-drop form builder only takes a couple of minutes. Plus, Jotform takes security seriously with PCI Level II compliance and 24-7 customer support.

Jotform partnered with Square because both companies work to offer efficient technology that helps small businesses and nonprofits. Square has been a leader in helping businesses collect payments in person, and now with a Jotform integration, you can collect online as well.

Потребителски Прожектори

This dentist uses Jotform and Square to get paid quickly

This dentist uses Jotform and Square to get paid quickly

Dr. Cynthia Brattesani owns a top dentistry office in San Francisco. To keep her practice running, she needs to get paid in a timely manner. She used to collect payments through paper statements but knew there had to be a better way. That’s when she started using Jotform and Square.

Famous tattoo artist Sara Fabel collects payments with Jotform and Square

Famous tattoo artist Sara Fabel collects payments with Jotform and Square

Sara Fabel is a renowned tattoo artist who inks UN diplomats, surgeons, and NASA scientists. Her business is big and booming, so she needed a simple and efficient way to collect client information and deposits. Her solution? Jotform and Square.

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