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Build the form you need in minutes

Build Form

Create your ideal form from scratch or customize a free template with our form builder. Send via email, share by copying and pasting a link, or embed the form in your website so users can fill it out anytime.

Electronic signatures for sales teams

Electronic Signature

Automate your sales process to save time and close deals faster. With Jotform Sign, you and your team can instantly collect e-signatures on any device — perfect for boosting productivity and giving your clients a seamless contract-signing experience.

Generate Salesforce documents

Generate Salesforce Document

Create PDFs from your form submission data in seconds, including sales contracts, quotes, and invoices. Send copies to recipients or save them for your records. Plus, you can easily collect e-signatures from users on any device.

Turn forms into workflows

Turn forms into workflows

Streamline marketing and sales operations through automated approval workflows. Jotform Approvals simplifies the approval process, empowering marketing and sales teams to make fast, well-informed decisions.

Create apps for specific goals

Create apps for specific goals

Make an app with Jotform Apps. Our no-code app builder lets you add forms, widgets, product lists, and branding assets to one fully customized app that can be downloaded onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Manage data with Jotform Tables and Inbox

Manage data with Jotform Tables and Inbox

Organize, track, and manage your submissions using Jotform Inbox and Tables. Easily find what you’re looking for with search filters, and collaborate with others.

Visualize data with analytics and reporting

Visualize data with analytics and reporting

Monitor and analyze your traffic, view online form responses, and convert data into professional reports to better understand your customers. At Jotform, we help you uncover new business insights to make smarter decisions.

Your data is safe and secure

Your data is safe and secure

Ensuring the privacy and security of your data is a top priority for us. You can rest easy, knowing that we take every precaution to provide an online form service with high grade security.

Designed for Your Workflow



Jotform Enterprise includes integrations with effective software tools that help you manage your workflow. These integrations include everything from CRMs and cloud storage solutions to payment processors and project management boards! Then, when your employees, customers or partners complete your form, the submission information will automatically appear in your other online accounts based on your integration settings.

Jotform for Salesforce is available on AppExchange!

Jotform for Salesforce is available on AppExchange!
Professional Services

Get hands-on help from our team

Get hands-on help from our team

Our dedicated team is here to ensure seamless implementation tailored to your organization’s needs. Get expert guidance every step of the way, from form creation to workflow optimization. Let us prepare your enterprise for success.


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  • What is Jotform for Salesforce?

    Jotform for Salesforce is a powerful online form builder and workflow automation tool that’s available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Jotform for Salesforce can benefit any organization that needs a powerful data-collection tool, no matter its industry or size.

  • How can you benefit from using Jotform within your Salesforce account?

    When you use Jotform within your Salesforce account, all data collected through your forms automatically populates the associated object in Salesforce. Benefits include, but aren’t limited to, seamless data capture, enhanced lead generation, improved data quality, and an integrated user experience.

    Additionally, by using Jotform for Salesforce you’ll gain access to a wide variety of useful features and tools, including ways to build no-code apps and PDFs, collect e-signatures and file uploads, generate reports, and automate your workflow

  • How can I integrate Salesforce with my form?

    To integrate Salesforce with your form, start by installing Jotform on the Salesforce AppExchange. After installing the app, you can then open it by clicking on the App Launcher icon and searching for “Jotform.”

    Once you’ve launched the app, click Create Salesforce Form, select an object to create a form for, select the object fields you’d like to add to your form, and then click Create Form. Your form will now be ready to collect data and automatically populate it to the linked fields in your Salesforce account.

    If you’d like to access Salesforce via Jotform, you can add the legacy Salesforce integration to a form in the Form Builder. To do this, open the Form Builder in Jotform and select the form you’d like to connect with Salesforce.

    Click Settings, then go to the Integrations tab and search for “Salesforce.” Click the Authenticate button to link your Salesforce account. If you’ve already linked your Salesforce account, feel free to select it from the dropdown menu.

    After connecting your account, choose either Create or update a record or Find a record. Pick an object from the list, and map your form fields to the data fields from your chosen Salesforce object. Once you’re finished, click the Save Action button and then the Save Integration button. Finally, click Finish and you’re done! Your form data will now be sent to Salesforce every time a submission is received.

  • How can you access Jotform on Salesforce AppExchange?

    To access Jotform Enterprise on the Salesforce AppExchange, you need to contact sales.

  • How do I set up Jotform Enterprise for Salesforce?

    To set up Jotform Enterprise for Salesforce, you need to first upgrade your plan to include Jotform Enterprise for Salesforce add-on. After the upgrade is completed, Jotform Customers Success Managers will help you setup. If you want to handle it yourself, you will have to search Jotform in Appexchange and click, Get It Now, and follow the setup instructions. After you install the app, you can decide whether to install it for Admins Only, for All Users, or for Specific Profiles.

    You can then open the Jotform Enterprise app by clicking the App Launcher icon and searching for Jotform. Log into your Jotform account or create one for free, then follow the final instructions to finish setting up the app. You should now be able to access Jotform on Salesforce AppExchange for all your form creation needs.

  • Under which clouds is Jotform served in AppExchange?

    Jotform works on Salesforce’s Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud is the Salesforce cloud product — a fully customizable technology that brings customer information together.

  • Can you get your Jotform forms prefilled with data stored in Salesforce?

    Yes, you can prefill your Jotform forms with your Salesforce data — effectively speeding up your users’ form-filling process and reducing data errors along the way.