Date Picker field: The calendar options are not translated when form is created in Español

  • pinfor
    Fecha de consulta 28 de febrero de 2018, 10:56

    Please, can you tell me how to change the days of the calendar week to see them in Spanish.

    It seems that the system does not translate it correctly.


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  • BJoanna
    Fecha de respuesta 28 de febrero de 2018, 12:20

    It seems that the calendar of the Date Picker field is not translated when the account language is set to Español. I will report this issue to our developers and we will inform you via this thread once this issue is resolved. 

    For now I can only suggest you to create multilingual form. You can create a form in English and then translate it to Español. 

    How to Make Your Forms Multilingual

  • pinfor
    Fecha de respuesta 1 de marzo de 2018, 5:45

    I have created a multilingual form.

    The months and days of the week of the agenda are still in English. It does not work.

    Please try to solve this problem soon because it affects my clients. Thank you

  • pinfor
    Fecha de respuesta 1 de marzo de 2018, 6:20

    see here to check that the multilingual does not work

  • Victoria_K
    Fecha de respuesta 1 de marzo de 2018, 9:09

    Thank you for cooperation. 

    Unfortunately, we don't have any updates on this issue, but I can see that one of our developers is already working on it.

    We'll keep you posted.