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How to Make Your Forms Multilingual

How to Make Your Forms Multilingual

The translation tool helps you reach a global audience much better, as your forms can cater to a multilingual audience. It will help your visitors control the language that your form reads in, bringing you higher conversion and satisfaction rates.

  1. To get started, click Settings at the top, Form Settings on the left, then click Show More Options.
  2. Next, you need to set up the default Form Language. Note that you won't get into the translation options unless you pick a default language first. The usual workflow is to build your form first, as is, using the default language, then add the other language translations afterward.
    Form Language
    Form Language
  3. Right below the Form Language section, click the Edit button, to begin with translating the fields.
  4. On the Translations section, click Add Form Language.
    Add Form Language
    Add Form Language
  5. Select the language you want to translate the form to (in the example below, Español was selected), then click the Add Form Language button.
    Add Form Language button
    Add Form Language button
  6. The translation window for the selected language should open up. You can now start adding your translations. All changes you perform are automatically saved.

    Go to the Form Warnings tab to localize the form warnings if needed. And to avoid confusion, you can also hide filled entries so you can focus your work on untranslated fields only.

    Translations Window
    Translations Window

You can also check out our guide on translate forms.

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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  • ppeptec

    this translation tool is as useless as they come. It translates single words...and i had to go in and translate 95% of the document manually....which kind of defeats the purpose.

  • yslusam

    It did not translate to Arabic language by default

  • yolanda.jimenez

    Is the multilingual option available in the Free account?

  • gourdonjeannick

    Bonjour, cela fait déjà plusieurs fois que j'expose mon problème sans malheureusement trouver de solutions, je vous donne un exemple.
    Je fais un formulaire pour une inscription de chien à des cours:
    J'ai un chien qui s'appelle COOKIE, alors j'écris "COOKIE" et sur le formulaire ça devient ''BISCUIT''
    Si vous pouviez trouver la solution ça m'arrangerait.

  • mirielfa83

    When I add the new language the page is blank and it does not allow me to add the translations in any way

  • mariodura

    I translate the fields but the text format, color, and style change in the secondary language ... WHERE DO I CUSTOMIZE THAT?

  • Naomi_Mazer

    Hi - after reading your pages on multilingual forms, I get the impression that some languages have built-in automatic translations for standard fields. I am building a form in English and French. I see the fields for PREVIOUS, NEXT, SUBMIT get translated into French automatically. But not fields like FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, ADDRESS etc. - for these fields, I need to provide my own translations.

    Is this correct? Or is there a way for these standard fields to be automatically translated by your system?

    Thank you!

  • henri.deroeck

    I want to translate the contents of the email as well. But it seems the email can only be configured for one language (I don't mean the PDF). Can email contents be conditional based on language?

  • secethics

    Please give us more options (like big buttons, or a single page prompting for form language prior to the proceeding). The current solution is too small and people might miss it!

  • Mjordan631

    Hello, I'm trying to completely translate my form into Spanish; however, one field will not update - Date of Birth. Please assist. Thank you.

  • thecomptoninitiative

    Hey Jotform support,

    within the multiple choice option, there's the "other". And when someone selects other, a text box appears, with "please type another option here" . How do I edit that text into spanish?


  • clinicians

    I translated a form according to your instructions but when I published it, it reverted back to English. I tried to look at the revision history and there wasn't one. What am I missing? Thanks!

  • sohailakbar795

    I want my jotform account in English language as most of it is written in any other language

  • Deborah Kasper

    The Spanish translation on the jotform is incorrect. Is there a way for me to go in and modify the Spanish translation?

  • GoBean

    When you translate a form to Spanish and you enable "continue forms later", the "save" button is not translated, even though the "back," "next," and "submit" buttons are. Can you change that for the future?

  • yi.mzcs

    hi, I am trying to do the transfer langage. but I found some labels have calculate widgets will not show up to let me do the translate.
    HOw to do that ?
    Thanks so much !

  • msamah


    is it possible to add Maldives Language (Dhivehi) in form translations

    Thank you

  • AnnaLindhFoundation

    I need to know how to have the card instructions in english or french, they are in german. IT is really urgent.

  • SMartBerlin


    is it also possible to translate the text in the "toggled content" widget?


  • YellowBooth

    Hi there,

    I wanted to translate my form to English but didn't do it because of the "thank you page".
    Indeed, whatever language the client choose, he will always receive the "thank you page" in French, which is my default language. It would be great if the "thank you page" could be in many languages too.
    Any way to trick it?

    Thank you.

  • BicycleColorado

    Is it possible to set translated pages to also show an alternate image with text?

  • Samantha Rice

    Two questions:
    The Dutch language is not available on the pull-down menu of available languages for forms. Would it be possible to rectify this oversight?

    And secondly, is there a maximum word count on form submissions, either at the answer level or at the form level, or at both levels? I have a free account.

    Thanks in advance for your answers!

  • Lalamovemarketing

    Hi Jotform Team,

    I was wondering whether it's possible to change the language of the form based on a field entry (i.e. if I select 'France' in a drop down box for Country, would it be possible to update the form's language to French based on this selection?)


  • husseinkanaan11

    When all the languages ​​of the world were added, only the Arabic language

  • salahelhagin

    I tried to add a new language to my form but i cant see the drop down menu in the form when i share it online. could you please advice how can i fix it.

  • AntonIvanov

    Hi there, I translated the form, but I also need the PDF form to be translated in the second language. How is this doable?
    Also, emails are all sent in the original language. Is there a way to translate emails too in the second language?
    Thank you!

  • xlc633

    For the submission, how can i view it in a different language? The default language is in Chinese, so all the submission come back with the questionnaire is in Chinese, but since i have the English translation setup in the builder already, can the submission questions also change to English? Thanks

  • ecolem

    Is it possible to translate the widget Birth date from french to english ?
    Thank you

  • ksedler

    I have read that the language can be choosen also when the form is called by an URL parameter:


    So I have translated my form to English (UK), and the language button works well. But where can I find a documentation of the URL parameter for every language? E.g. what parameter has English(UK)? I tried en, uk, gb.... nothing works with my form.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Stefanooo

    Will the form be capable to detect the browsers default language? Will the form automatically display the content in that respctive language? Or will I (alternatively) be allowed to add a paramenter to the form-URL to call the form with a specific language preselected?

  • Iritsevents

    For example if create a form in english first and then translate it to japanese and one of them fills in the form will the responses be received in English or can be translated to eglish on jot form if yes how

  • WSIguy

    What is supposed to happen if I assign, say, French or Spanish as the default language?
    Do the system messages revert to the selected default language?
    Do the widgets, like date picker revert to the selected default language?

    So far, in my experience, not.
    So I can't understand the point of offering a default language selection.
    I wish you would offer the option of "localizing" all messages and labels for desired languages. I mean, offer this outside of "translating" for multiple languages. It seems what you offer revolves around the assumption that localization means multi-lingual. When often, it just means uni-lingual, but not English.

  • Alechko2

    Is there a browser language detect? So that the form can directly open in the language of the user?

  • Alechko2

    How/where do you go to translate the next/previous buttons?

  • Joann Brown

    I would like to get started

  • prowler

    I have been able to create my form in 4 languages, but I have not found a way to make a link that will open the form directly in another language the the default one.

  • Ryan

    Thank you for the tutorial. It's very useful! Transalte from Spanish to English language

  • AltoArizona

    The translation field doesn't show up for me. Can jotform please help me out? I enabled and selected the language but nothing happens...don't see the translation fields appear...

  • StMichaelsKona

    I created a multilingual form, but am wondering when presented to the user, will the form be displayed in it's original language (English)and will there be a button that the user can click to have the form displayed in the converted language (Spanish). Or must I specify that I want the form to automatically detect the language of the browser and display it in the converted language if it matches? Or will the multilingual form come up with both languages displayed for every question? Thanks, Rick

  • raypritchard


    I have a slightly different issue in that I am able to add a translation of my form (main language Norwegian) into English, but not all of the editted text is shown when clicking on the English language option when viewing the form.

    For example, I have translated the whole of question 5 and the answer options, but only the answer options appear in English. (form:

    On another document, the same issue but even within the answers, some remain in the original language whilst others are translated to English (despite all being translated in the settings).
    eg: question 6 in


  • jotithoward

    Hi, I am able to translate the form just fine. However, after the form is submitted in the 2nd language, I cannot save the pdf of the submission in the 2nd language.

  • mauriceab

    Cannot save changes on Translation after saving translation hitting the Show More Options>Translations>Español>Edit Texts, then click on Edit Texts to scroll down to the text box then going into the editor finding the the editing box is smaller than when I originally entered the text having code. I proceed to correct the typo and then save by Pressing on the

  • CorporateStores

    Hi, I'm going through all your steps to add a French version form but it does not seem to be working. After saving all my changes, there is no option for me to view the FR version.

  • comint

    how can I edit translation with 4.0 version ? can't find the settings...

  • ARWFashion

    How can I change the language of the components in a configurable list? I would like to change the labels and also the items showed in the combobox.

  • omatuska

    How can I export the language file to send to my translators so that it can be uploaded back to jotform when translated?

  • Becki

    Is there a way to have the flags show side by side, instead of in a drop down menu? Thank you!



    It won't change the language in the 'Form tabs widget'? Any solution for this? Thanks!

  • ubergler

    Is there an option to create / export a language file allowing me to send all the form text to others to do the translation work? Otherwise I need to either have them edit the form, or I need to write down all form text in a separate document.

  • scroon

    I have a rather urgent inquiry. I'm trying to translate a form into Japanese and Korean, but none of the fields gets translated, not event the standard jotform fields. Should we translate them ourselvers?
    Thanks for your help