Create SMS Surveys

Create custom and professional SMS surveys seamlessly with Jotform’s online survey builder. Quickly collect feedback and gather market insights — all with no coding required. Improve response rates and widen your reach with text surveys optimized for mobile.


Explore SMS Survey Templates

Not sure where to begin? Pick one of our ready-made survey templates to get started. Drag and drop to customize it by adding images or branding assets, changing fonts and colors, integrating with useful tools, and so much more.

Sondaggio Ricerca di Mercato

Template market-research-survey-private-26
Template market-research-survey-private-26

Follow Up Survey

Template follow-up-survey-private-7
Template follow-up-survey-private-7

Modulo Feedback per Eventi

Template event-feedback-form-private-57
Template event-feedback-form-private-57


Intuitive Interface

Create professional SMS surveys with our online form builder — no coding knowledge required. Drag and drop to customize your form to meet your exact needs.

Moduli Classici e Cartolina

Pick a survey format that works best for you. Create a classic survey that displays all the questions on a single page. Or use Jotform Cards to ask one question per page — perfect for breaking up surveys and increasing your response rate!

Logica Condizionale

Create a personalized survey experience for your customers and improve your survey response rate with conditional logic. Add conditional logic to your survey to hide and reveal questions according to users’ previous responses.

Mobile-friendly Surveys

All surveys made in Jotform are mobile-friendly, meaning that when you send out your SMS survey link, users can fill it out on the spot, on any device. Collect survey responses from your users no matter where they are or what type of device they use.

Raccogli e Gestisci le Risposte

View and manage your SMS survey submission data seamlessly on Jotform Tables. Search and filter your data, add formulas and calculations, send data to other platforms, invite others to collaborate, and so much more.

Crea Rapporti Visivi

Turn your survey responses into visual reports in seconds with Jotform Report Builder. Automatically create bar charts, pie charts, and form response tables. Easily prepare reports and make more accurate decisions for your company by analyzing your form data.


Cosa dicono i nostri utenti di Jotform

We are using Jotform for numerous data collection needs. We greatly favor Jotform's user interface, and we appreciate the swiftness in creating forms, surveys, and research. Additionally, the simplicity of incorporating conditional logic into our forms, along with an abundance of other features and configurations, proves to be highly advantageous.

David Fell, Founding Partner, Octopi Global

Come creare un sondaggio con Jotform

Learn how to build your own custom survey with Jotform in this instructional video.


Domande Frequenti

Abbiamo una risposta a tutte le tue domande su Jotform. Consulta le nostre FAQ per le risposte alle domande più comuni o contatta il nostro team di supporto per ulteriori informazioni.

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What is an SMS survey?

An SMS survey, also known as a text survey or short message service survey, is a type of survey that users can fill out on their mobile devices. SMS surveys are sent by companies or individuals that are looking to conveniently poll their users on their mobile devices.

How do SMS surveys work?

SMS surveys function as an easy way for clients or customers to submit survey responses on their mobile devices. To send out SMS surveys, you can either create your own and copy-paste the link to an outgoing text message or use a specialized SMS survey tool to have users fill out surveys by directly responding via text message.

What kinds of surveys can be conducted via SMS?

All sorts of surveys can be conducted via SMS — it just depends on the needs of your organization. With Jotform, you can build your ideal SMS survey with our drag-and-drop builder. Build a survey from scratch or use one of our 10,000+ templates to get started. Create, customize, and share your SMS survey in just a few clicks with Jotform.

What are the key steps to executing successful SMS surveys?

The key steps to executing successful SMS surveys are:

  • Outlining survey goals
  • Identifying your survey audience
  • Writing appropriate questions
  • Making your survey user-friendly
  • Choosing the best time to send your survey
  • Following up with your survey takers
  • Analyzing data to inform future actions and goals

What are the benefits of SMS surveys?

SMS surveys are a great way to poll audiences because they’re efficient and convenient. Because SMS surveys go straight to users’ mobile or tablet devices, users can fill them out right then and there.

Additionally, by using an all-in-one survey builder like Jotform, you can also track and manage your SMS survey responses straight from your Jotform account — perfect for both sending and organizing your SMS surveys.

How can I send a survey through text?

To send a survey through text, all you need to do is get the complete URL of your survey and send it to your users via text. To do this, open up the Form Builder and click the Publish button. Under the Quick Share tab, click the Copy Link button to copy the form URL. That’s all! Simply send the copied link to your users via text.

Who can use SMS surveys?

Anyone with a mobile device can use SMS surveys.