Clever Colorful

Clever Colorful

Wow your form users with this colorful and organized form theme! Enjoy a cute confetti background and different color form fields for all your needs. Use the colors as is, or customize to your exact liking seamlessly.

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Purple Galaxy

Purple Galaxy

colorful galaxy theme

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Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas Tree Lights

Ho ho ho! In need of a festive Christmas theme for all your winter newsletters or forms? Check out this Christmas Tree Lights theme with bokeh style Christmas lights on a tree to get your form users in the holiday spirit!

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Bright and Cheerful

Luminoso e Allegro

This Bright and Cheerful theme delivers on its title! The backdrop shows a bright blue sky, sunshine, and children flying kites, and — when paired with the neat interface — this theme will put all your users in a good mood.

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Far Out!

Far Out!

Enjoy a colorful, eerie design set against a black, starry background. This theme glows a striking green around its edges, resembling the back light feature of some modern TVs. Perfect for star ship crews and sci-fi lovers alike.

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Coffee Break

Pausa Caffè

Our cheerful Coffee Break theme will make users excited to disconnect for a few minutes over a warm (or cold) drink. With a bright and colorful backdrop, this theme is easy to customize to your needs.

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Cool and Minimal

Fresco e Minimale

This Cool and Minimal theme is exactly that! With a soothing steely-seafoam background color and white font this theme is perfect for registrations, payments, surveys, and more! Keep it cool with this theme.

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Big Blue

Blu Grance

Why over-complicate your forms? Our Big Blue theme is simple, but it gets the job done — and it’s easy to customize form elements. With large text and clear input fields, this theme is inclusive and great for users who are visually impaired.

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The Big theme is a classic. It emphasizes large font and form fields to make sure that anybody who uses your form will be able to read it well. This is the ultimate theme for widespread use, and you can customize it with your own logo, images, and colors.

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Simple, plain and flat. It has large input, large text and large button.

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This theme will automatically create two column layout on shrunken fields. Fields like matrix table, form collapse and page break are customized. It has big text inputs and green styled buttons. Simple elegant theme.

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Green Dot Design

Green Dot Design

Green, teal, stripe, dot, bubble, fun desktop contact form. Perfect for stylish websites with this color scheme.

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Smart PDF Forms Theme

Tema Moduli Smart PDF

This is a cool and clean theme for smart pdf forms. It is also suitable for normal forms too. Have fun!

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Green Lake

Green Lake

This Green Lake theme is perfect for outdoor reservations, newsletters, and more! With its crystal clear, beautiful view of a high quality lake image background, your users are sure to feel relaxed and excited to explore!

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Blue Variant

Variante Blu

Blue Variant is a minimal theme that works for any form type. All fields are fully customizable, and you can adapt the theme to contact forms, surveys, event registrations, and more! Keep your forms simple so they can be filled out as soon as possible.

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Awesome Icons

Icone Fantastiche

Include fun icons for each of your form’s fields with this easy to set up Awesome Icons theme! Use this theme’s simple red banner, or adjust the colors to fit your needs. Perfect for adding a touch of personality to any form.

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Coffee Mate

Coffee Mate

Brown coffee beans and a freshly served hot coffee background gives real taste to the form. Smell the freshness of aroma. :)

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Dark Theme 2

Tema Scuro 2

This flat and dark form theme is sophisticated and accessible to everyone! Whether you need a sleek look for your next registration form, survey, contact form, or even official business form, this theme will meet all your needs.

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