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Create engaging surveys for any occasion with Jotform’s drag-and-drop online survey builder. Change design elements, integrate with useful widgets, and share with your audience. Once you’ve collected responses, use Jotform’s helpful tools to analyze your results and create visual reports in just a few easy clicks.


Explore Ready-Made Survey Templates

Not quite sure where to start? Choose one of our ready-made survey templates and customize it to match your needs. Add your questions, change design elements, and then send it off to your participants.

Sondaggio sulla Soddisfazione del Lavoro

Template job-satisfaction-survey-4?card
Template job-satisfaction-survey-4?card

Product Customer Feedback Form

Template product-customer-feedback-form?card
Template product-customer-feedback-form?card


Crea Sondaggi Istantaneamente

Collect and Manage Survey Data

You’ll never have to use an external tool to manage your form data. With Jotform, your company can gather survey responses and analyze survey data from one secure place.

Use Form Analytics

Get in-depth data about your survey responses with Jotform’s Form Analytics tool. Analyze your survey’s traffic to see how many people visited your form, view form submission stats, and check out your conversation rates.

Share and Embed Anywhere

Want more people to fill out your survey? With Jotform, you can embed your surveys in your website or online portal for easy access. You can also share your survey via direct link, scannable QR code, or by linking to it in your social media bios.

Professional Reports and Informed Choices

After you’ve gathered survey results and feedback, use Jotform Report Builder to build helpful reports to visualize and share data. Share your market research insights with stakeholders or other team members to make informed decisions for your company.

Connect Helpful Tools

Make the most of your survey feedback and streamline the analysis process by connecting your survey forms with helpful analytics tools like Google Analytics and other third-party widgets.

Domande Frequenti

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Come faccio a creare un sondaggio online?

Creating an online survey is fast and easy with Jotform. To get started, open our Form Builder and select whether to build your survey from scratch or customize a ready-made survey template. Simply drag and drop form fields, add your survey questions, customize the design to match your organization’s brand, and add conditional logic and widgets. Then share your survey with a few clicks to begin collecting feedback.

How do I analyze my survey results?

To analyze survey results with Jotform, follow these easy steps:

Select the survey you’d like to analyze.
Use the report feature in Jotform Tables, which allows you to view your data at a glance.
Generate more complex visual reports with Jotform Report Builder.
Share survey analysis reports with teammates or shareholders.

What are the five common statistical tools?

The five common statistical tools are

  • Mean
  • Standard deviation
  • Regression
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Sample size determination

What are the four types of analysis?

The four types of data analysis are

  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Diagnostic Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Prescriptive Analysis

How do I add surveys to my website?

To add surveys to your website, simply copy and paste your survey’s unique embed code into your website HTML. Jotform also offers easy third-party publishing options on platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, Facebook, and more. In addition, you can share your survey via email, form link, or social media.

La creazione di un sondaggio con Jotform è gratuita?

Yes, you can create a survey and analyze its results for free with Jotform.