Can I manually define code myself?

  • jeankendall
    Gefragt am 22. Mai 2021 um 16:36

    Kann ich den Code selbst statisch definieren z.B. Code23 (ist auch einfacher einzutippen) oder wird dieser Code IMMER automatisch generiert und kann nicht verändert werden?

    Can I statically define the code myself, e.g. Code23 (is also easier to type in) or is this code ALWAYS generated automatically and cannot be changed?

  • Billy Jotform Support
    Geantwortet am 26. Mai 2021 um 07:12

    Hi there,

    I hope you're doing well and thanks for reaching out.

    Can you please confirm which code are you pertaining to? Are you pertaining to the screenshot below?

    1622027420 60ae2c9c058c8  Screenshot 10

    If so, yes, you can, however, we highly advise that you keep it unchanged as it will ensure that there will be no duplicate values that could cause your form to break.

    Otherwise, please write us back and point us out to the code you're referring to.