How to create a form to receive donations?

  • Fanny Rosales
    Fecha de consulta 1 de noviembre de 2022, 20:02

    No se como crear un formulario para recibir una donación

  • Christian Jotform Support
    Fecha de respuesta 2 de noviembre de 2022, 4:00

    Hello Fanny,

    Thanks for reaching out to Jotform Support. Our Spanish Support isn't currently available so we'll respond in English. I found a form in the account linked to the email address you're currently using; it looks like you already created a donation form. All you need to do at this point to receive donations is to connect your Paypal Business account to the Paypal integration:

    1. Click on the Wand icon in the Donation Amount field.
    2. Click on the blue Connect button.1667375824 636222d0ca237  Screenshot 10
    3. Type the email address associated with your Paypal Business account in the modal.1667375872 6362230043296  Screenshot 21
    4. Sign in to your account with your Paypal Business credentials.1667375927 63622337a544b  Screenshot 32

    Give it a try, and let us know if you need any more help.