Mastering Payment Form Integrations With Jotform

December 9, 2023

Collecting online payments is one of Jotform’s strongest services. Our payment forms make collecting online payments a quick and easy process without writing a single line of code.

Jotform accepts payments securely and efficiently by sending payment data, submitted by your users, directly to your chosen payment gateway service safely protected with 256-bit SSL encryption. No payment data is stored in our servers. We do not charge any commissions, any transaction fees are entirely based on the payment service you choose.

Jotform is a PCI DSS compliant service. We have a PCI Service Provider Level 1 certificate. We’d be happy to provide our certificate to any users who would need it for their payment gateway. Just contact our support team.

How to Add a Payment Gateway to Your Form

  1. In the Form Builder, select Add Form Element in the upper-left corner to open Form Elements.
  2. In the Form Elements pane on the left, go to Payments at the top.
  3. Search and choose a payment gateway.
Steps to add a payment gateway in Jotform Form Builder

Here’s the list of supported payment gateways:

Which payment processor should you use depends on what you’re looking for. The most popular choices are PayPal, Square, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and Purchase Order. See the payment gateways comparison chart to find the perfect online payment solution for your needs.

Available Payment Form Types

Jotform covers a wide array of payment structures that you can set up in just minutes.

The Payment Type options in Jotform Form Builder

Here are the available payment types:

  • Sell Products
  • Sell Subscriptions
  • User Defined Amount
  • Collect Donations

To learn more, see Order Form Types.

Common Configuration Options

Below are some of the most common features that you might want to add to your payment form.

Adding email order confirmations

You can set up an Autoresponder to automatically send an email confirmation after your user submits a form. Email templates are fully customizable.

Implementing coupons, taxes, and shipping fees

Payment tools support coupons, taxes, and shipping. These features are optional and available at the end of the payment integration setup process.

Steps to access coupons, shipping, and tax configurations

Adding unique order numbers

There are many options available but the most commonly used feature for adding unique order numbers to submissions is the Unique ID widget.

Steps to add a Unique ID widget to a form

To learn more, see How to Add Custom Unique IDs to Your Form Submissions.

Calculating the amount based on user input

Suppose you need to have real-time, dynamic payment forms. In this case, you can use the Form Calculation widget to calculate the total amount based on your form filler’s answers, then pass the calculated amount to your form’s payment field.

For example, you can assign the prices or calculation values to a Single Choice element’s options, add a Number element for a user-defined amount, and then use a Form Calculation widget to get the total.

Steps to add a Form Calculation widget

Once the amount part is done, you can pass the calculation to the payment field. See demo form.

Implementing stock limits

You can enable stock control to manage and track the stock quantities of your products.

Steps to implement stock limit on a payment form

With Jotform’s built-in stock management feature, you can

  • Set stock quantity for your products.
  • Mark your products as “Sold Out” if they will be available soon.
  • Receive out-of-stock emails for sold-out products.
  • Choose to receive an email for products if the stock quantity for the product decreases below the predefined amount.

To learn more, see How to Enable and Manage Product Stocks in Payment Fields.

Enabling payment authorization

If you’re interested in two-step payments, it’s possible to authorize payment and capture it later with an “authorize only” integration type.

Steps to enable the Authorization Only option in Jotform Form Builder

The “authorize only” payments are supported by PayPal Personal, PayPal Business, PayPal Pro, Square, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree, CyberSource, and Eway. For more information, see How to Enable Payment Authorization.

Emulating Authorize.Net

If you want to use a payment processing service that is not currently supported but can emulate Authorize.Net, you may still be able to use it with Jotform.

To emulate Authorize.Net

  1. In the Form Builder, open the Authorize.Net integration settings by selecting the wand icon.
  2. In the settings pane on the right, scroll down and open Additional Gateway Settings.
  3. Select Emulator and choose a payment service from the menu.
Steps to add Authorize

The following services support Authorize.Net emulation:

  • eProcessing Network
  • GoEmerchant
  • MerchantOne
  • PayJunction
  • USAePay
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