Perangkat Lunak Formulir Aplikasi Gratis

Kumpulkan aplikasi untuk pekerjaan, beasiswa, pinjaman, dan banyak lagi. Buat formulir aplikasi online khusus tanpa pengodean dan terima tanggapan dan unggahan berkas secara instan.


Templat Formulir Aplikasi Gratis

Baik Anda memerlukan lamaran pekerjaan, aplikasi beasiswa, atau formulir aplikasi pinjaman, hemat waktu dengan templat formulir aplikasi yang dapat Anda sesuaikan menggunakan perangkat lunak formulir aplikasi gratis dari Jotform.

Formulir Lamaran Pekerjaan

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Formulir Aplikasi Beasiswa

Template 21083071286348

Formulir Aplikasi Pinjaman

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Bangun Formulir Aplikasi dengan Cepat

Kumpulkan Aplikasi dengan Mudah

Buat proses pengisian aplikasi yang lancar dengan formulir online yang berfungsi di perangkat apa pun. Kumpulkan informasi pelamar, dokumen, foto, tanda tangan elektronik, dan banyak lagi.

Tidak Perlu Pengkodean

Simply drag and drop to customize your online application form. Add form fields, widgets, integrations, conditional logic, and more — then embed your application form in your web page.

Simpan & Kelola Tanggapan

Terima tanggapan secara instan dan atur dalam database yang dapat dikonfigurasi. Lihat entri dalam tampilan spreadsheet, kalender, atau sebagai kartu yang mudah dibaca di satu tempat yang mudah diakses.

Bekerja saat Bepergian

Biarkan pelamar mengirimkan foto baru, rekaman suara, data geolokasi dan banyak lagi. Download aplikasi gratis Formulir Seluler Jotform untuk mengelola formulir aplikasi Anda di mana saja — bahkan offline!


Apa yang dikatakan pengguna kami tentang Jotform

Saya menggunakan Jotform dengan sejumlah klien, tetapi dua yang paling berguna adalah badan amal medis dan perusahaan pelatihan tenis. Saya menyukai fleksibilitas yang ditawarkan Jotform untuk mengumpulkan informasi pendaftaran dan mengelola alur kerja yang dipicu dengan mengubah status aplikasi keanggotaan. Ini membantu klien saya merampingkan proses admin mereka dan mengontrol biaya admin mereka.

Iwona Batterberry, Consultant, Brainwaves Gravy

Pertanyaan Umum

Semua pertanyaan Anda tentang Jotform — dijawab. Lihat FAQ kami untuk jawaban atas pertanyaan umum, atau hubungi tim dukungan kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

Penelusuran Anda "[searchValue]" tidak cocok dengan hasil apa pun.

What is online application form software?

Online application form software is a type of technology that allows users to build custom application forms. The software makes it easy for companies or individuals who need to process many applications at once to receive and manage submissions — which is especially important in education, training programs, coaching, etc.

With online application form software, you can build interactive application forms that collect applicant information, photos, documents, e-signatures, and anything else you might need to process applications. Plus, you can file and organize submissions in a configurable database that you can view in a spreadsheet, calendar, or card-view format.

What are the benefits of using online application form software?

By using online application form software, you won’t have to do any pesky coding when you need to build an application form, saving you both time and money. If you’re collecting a large number of applications or sending out the same forms periodically, you can save your form designs in the software to customize at any time.

Plus, online application form software makes it much easier to receive submissions and store them in a convenient database that you can sort and organize as needed. Many online application form software tools also provide integrations that let you connect your form data with your favorite third-party apps, like Dropbox, Google Workspace, and more.

Can online application form software be accessed on mobile devices?

Whether you can access online application form software on mobile devices depends on which software you’re using. With Jotform, you can download the free Jotform Mobile Forms app on your smartphone or tablet to edit and manage your application forms anywhere. Your applicants can also use the app to submit their applications. The added bonus? If you lose internet connection, you can work offline, and your changes will update and save when you regain connection.

Is online application form software secure?

Jotform’s online application form software is very secure. We take data privacy and protection seriously, so all forms are served across a 256-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) connection, encrypted with high-grade RSA 2048, and protected from spam. Additionally, Jotform is PCI DSS Service Provider Level I certified and complies with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

What types of applications are available through online application form software?

You can build any type of application through online application form software, but some of the most popular are job applications, loan applications, and scholarship applications. You can also customize these forms to create forms for banking, vendors, sponsorships, and other program needs — among many others!

Can multiple users collaborate on online application form software simultaneously?

With a multiuser Jotform Enterprise plan, you can add multiple users to your account to support collaboration. We want to make it easy for teams to collect data, send and receive notifications, and follow up on application submissions together. Plus, you’ll have complete control over permission settings, which includes filtering your user list, adding or deleting users, and reviewing user activity.

With Jotform Teams, you can create shared workspaces for teams that allow members to work collaboratively on forms, tables, reports, and apps online. Automate your team’s workflow and store assets in one place for seamless collaboration.

Is online application form software compatible with different web browsers?

Jotform’s online application form software is compatible with all modern browsers, so you won’t have to worry about using a particular browser to get the full functionality of the software.

Can online application form software be used offline?

When you download the Jotform Mobile Forms app on your smartphone or tablet, you can use your online application form software even when you’re offline! This allows you to manage applications on the go, from anywhere.

What are some popular examples of online application form software?

There are several popular online application form software options out there today. These include Google Forms, Jotform, Typeform, Formstack — and the list goes on. You’ll want to make sure that your online application form software meets all your needs, whether they include extensive customization offerings, mobile flexibility, code-free capabilities, or something else. Jotform can do all that and then some.

How can I ensure my data is protected when using online application form software?

You can ensure that your form data is protected by choosing online application form software that’s reputable and secure. Jotform, for example, follows the highest security standards and protocols and complies with all privacy regulations — so you can feel confident in your data protection.

On the user side, you can also make sure you’re using strong passwords and multifactor authentication as well as limiting access to your data. While the online application form software itself will do the heavy lifting when it comes to security, you should always make sure your own practices are airtight to prevent breaches due to user error.

Can online application form software integrate with other business tools and systems?

Absolutely! At Jotform, we offer over 100 integrations to bolster everything from storage and automation to communication and payments. Our featured integrations include Zapier, Salesforce, Google Drive, Slack, Square, HubSpot, Zoho, Dropbox, and many more. Whether you want to store all your data in one place or collect payments alongside your applications, Jotform has you covered.

Is online application form software suitable for small businesses?

Online application form software is perfect for small businesses because it allows them to automate and streamline their application collection process. As your business grows, you need to make sure you’re optimizing your time and effort — which you can’t do if you’re constantly building applications from scratch and sending them out manually. An online application form software lets you edit and send applications in minutes and collect them with ease — so you can focus more on building your business.