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JotForm’s 10,000 ready-made form templates, 100+ integrations, and more than 400+ widgets have made it one of the most popular form builders for companies all over the world. Today, JotForm is enjoyed by over 10 million users and growing every day.

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  • Entrepreneur

    Hand-writing has several useful benefits. For one, research suggests that the act of putting pen to paper helps you retain information, which can help us more effectively organize our thoughts and goals. I started JotForm to make easy-to-use online forms, but even I appreciate the simplicity of writing some things out by hand.

  • Entrepreneur

    Or, take spreadsheets — almost every entrepreneur uses them daily. You had to use another software to share the kind of data that doesn’t fit into neat columns. That’s why my team spent three years developing JotForm Tables — to collect all different types of info collected from online forms and organize them in one workspace.

  • HR

    Instead of using paper forms to gather employee feedback, distribute electronic forms via e-mail or apps for quicker responses. This approach helps streamline the process and keeps all information in one place.

  • Fast

    My company doesn’t set hard deadlines; we urge staff to protect their downtime, and we encourage regular vacations. But after a difficult year of grief and loss, I’m trying to redefine productivity—and I invite you to do the same. Here are three simple tactics I’m using to support this shift.

  • Business

    There are many software platforms that can help ensure you’ve submitted your responses, made appropriate follow-ups, and received links to the published pieces. JotForm’s PR Tracker is designed to record and monitor the important details of your PR leads, so you don’t overlook any tasks and can follow each lead.

  • Vow

    If you’re looking for a multipurpose tool to use throughout the wedding planning process, JotForm is a good cloud-based option to try. JotForm Tables has a convenient wedding planner template that can help you keep track of expenses, vendor contact info, your guest list, and more.

  • Entrepreneur

    When I started JotForm 15 years ago, I imagined an easier way to build web forms. And over time, we realized that our purpose is to make people and organizations more productive. That’s it. We’re not brokering peace or launching space missions, but I love what we do.

  • Entrepreneur

    After 15 years in business, JotForm has well-defined edges and much of the puzzle has taken shape. However, we’re still building it out. That process never ends — and even if we did fill in all the pieces, we’d simply expand the puzzle.

  • Fast

    Beginning the day with stream-of-consciousness writing has been a game changer for my business. Every morning, I open a blank page, start writing, and I don’t stop until I’ve filled three pages or 30 minutes have elapsed; no editing or deleting allowed. After a few minutes, I’m usually exploring something worthwhile. Maybe it’s a product idea or a process we could streamline.

  • Entrepreneur

    You won’t know if you don’t try. But I don’t mean trying once, failing, and giving up. Because you will fail. Everyone does. The key is to keep trying.


    Burnout is 100 percent preventable, and establishing firm boundaries to protect your employees is one of the best ways to do it. At my company, JotForm, we delete Slack from our phones when we take time off for vacations and holidays. It’s a simple way to ensure work doesn’t creep into the time we’re supposed to be using to restore ourselves.

  • pc/nametag

    At JotForm, our managers schedule frequent one-on-ones with their teams to make sure they're feeling good about work, and if not, working together to find a solution. This helps our employees feel appreciated and valued.

  • Kindful

    JotForm is an online application that allows you to create custom online forms. Its incredibly intuitive user interface allows you to drag-and-drop the building blocks of the form you need. JotForm provides you with the tools to improve the experience of your donors and volunteers with signups, registrations, and surveys.


    As patients complete their forms, the submissions automatically appear in the practice’s JotForm Tables database. There’s no data input to worry about, which reduces the chance for human error. Staff can share the tables with coworkers, so a nurse can access a patient’s intake information for a streamlined patient care process.

  • Fast

    This notion of balance doesn’t just apply to your life as a whole, but your day-to-day. Take me for example. My days at the JotForm office aren’t usually very long, but I do try to make the time I’m there count.

  • Spin

    In a virtual world, it’s important to focus on omnichannel experiences for consumers; if one channel no longer exists (e.g., live events), you can still reach your audience in meaningful and engaging ways. Event teams have worked more closely with other parts of the business—including digital, social media, and public relations teams—to craft virtual experiences that resonate with consumers while keeping business goals in mind.

  • Learning

    Educators can distribute quizzes, course evaluations, and registration forms for activities or classes using online templates. Teachers and/or administrators can also use online surveys to get critical information about student needs and resources, which can help them design and manage the program to ensure it meets the needs of all students.

  • Optimal

    Using a survey maker like JotForm can accelerate the process and help you gather priceless, unadulterated feedback on items such as functionality and design, accessibility, content, and more. Product managers should ask specific questions about a user’s exact needs to generate new product features.

  • Hppy

    The most useful applicant tracking tools can double as an HR management system. For example, some cloud-based tools can automatically collect and organize your applicants’ data in a simple table view. Your team can manage everything in one place — from initial skill evaluations to onboarding paperwork.

  • eSchool

    Cloud-based forms allow educators to distribute online quizzes, collect signups for extracurricular activities or class registration, and distribute course evaluations. Educators can use online survey forms to gain valuable data from students and/or parents to better understand student needs.

  • TechCrunch

    I started my company, JotForm, in 2006. We’ve grown steadily from a simple web tool into a product that serves more than 8 million users — without taking a dime in outside funding. We’re profitable in an industry with big-name competitors like Google.

  • Fast

    Supporting employee wellness is not always easy. Between lockdowns, reshuffled family responsibilities, and ever-changing health news, our pre-COVID-19 strategies aren’t necessarily effective right now. Our current work days may not be “normal,” but we can adapt and apply new techniques to help our teams through the good times and the bad.

  • Entrepreneur

    As leaders, it’s important to create space for conversations that allow colleagues to talk about how they’re feeling. At my company, JotForm, I’ve been open with my employees about the ways in which I’ve struggled to cope with the pandemic. This culture of openness allows conversations that can facilitate connection, and let everyone know that they’re not alone.

  • Forbes

    Where people had previously come into a site, gone in, and sat down with the preparer and had their returns done in person, we were no longer able to do that. We saw our programs and our partners across the country using things like Zoom, Google Meet, JotForm, as well as texting and email to communicate with the filers that they hadn't yet served for the filing season and then make an effort to try to get them in to get their returns completed and filed.

  • Fast

    Giving feedback takes practice, and a manager who shied away from it beforehand isn’t suddenly going to love it now. However, like many new habits, it can be practiced and improved over time. Feedback is so important, offering it intentionally and consistently is a skill necessary during a pandemic or otherwise.

  • Entrepreneur

    Part of my previous job at an internet media company was to create tools for editors to build forms, surveys and polls. The problem was that at the time, the form-building landscape offered few good options. I decided to change that, and my company, JotForm, was born.

  • Savio

    At JotForm, we work to collect customer feedback wherever we can, but one channel we really look to for candid feedback is Twitter. Typically on Twitter, people bluntly tell us what they like and don't like. It's important for us to get raw feedback like this to optimize and improve our products.

  • ByteAnt

    JotForm is an efficient SaaS app for collecting information within your business or communicating with your customers. You can start using JotForm during the hiring process by collecting applications and onboarding forms, plus use it to get helpful company feedback through surveys.

  • Fast

    At my company, I regularly hold virtual coffee breaks with team members to give them a chance to let me know how they’re doing, and also to reinforce how much I value their efforts. This doesn’t mean that an employee has to have knocked it out of the park five days per week; expressing appreciation for a solid job well done is just as important as celebrating a major win.

  • Entrepreneur

    When I started JotForm in 2006, I didn’t care about sales. As a developer, I was far more interested in product technology than cryptic acronyms like PQL and SAL. Eventually, I realized that without an enterprise sales team, we would continue to lose big customers. We hired some smart people, got the ball rolling, and now, this former blind spot is a lucrative revenue source.

  • American

    To encourage as little physical contact as possible, get rid of paper forms and other manual processes. Fortunately, there are many digital tools you can use to facilitate a contactless environment. For example, you can set up an app or registration landing page to share your customized camp registration, waiver, and payment forms.

  • Business

    Instead of relying on paper forms to gather information, find software applications that help you build online forms. These forms are easier to share, require less effort to sort, and won’t end up cast aside in the wrong place — and misplaced as a result.

  • Fast

    My own company weathered a series of highs and lows throughout 2020. Before the calendar flipped in January, I reflected on the big lessons I’ve learned from COVID-19; my next step is more granular. My goal was to ensure our teams are equipped to succeed and thrive, regardless of where or how they’re working.

  • Savio

    At JotForm, we have a support forum where our customers leave product feedback and suggestions. Our product team pulls information from there and takes note of what customers are saying. Then they add it to a queue and work to make product updates as soon as they can. It's a simple and streamlined flow.

  • Entrepreneur

    As hustle culture loses its shine, many entrepreneurs are realizing that they can’t simply rise-and-grind their way to success. Endless workdays extract a personal toll that can include exhaustion, burnout, unhealthy lifestyle habits, toxic competition, and more.

  • Reliable

    The JotForm Health app is designed to keep practitioners focused on patients rather than on collecting and updating data. This review of JotForm’s health app explores how the company’s forms capability and healthcare expertise power the new solution.

  • Healthcare

    Digital tools like the JotForm Health app are vital in a global crisis. They provide a quick, secure, and affordable solution for transitioning from in-person to online operations. These tools will continue to be important in the future as more and more businesses operate online.

  • StoryChief

    Hiring a Content Marketing Manager can be tricky since this role needs to be well rounded with a creative and strategic mindset, people skills, and writing chops. It's also important to make sure this individual understands your product and brand, so the content is relevant and targeted.

  • Entrepreneur

    Being able to work with my natural rhythms has been critical to my ability to grow my company, JotForm, and it’s important to me that my employees have the same freedom to work during their own prime times. Our flex policy has led to substantial spikes in productivity, and also contributed to building an enjoyable company culture that helps us attract—and keep—high-caliber talent.

  • Entrepreneur

    I often talk about how my company, JotForm, is bootstrapped, and how I grew it slowly over the years to the more than 8 million users we have today. Going it without VC funding and refusing the mainstream "startup hustle" advice hasn’t been an easy journey, and I don’t want anyone to get the idea that it didn’t come without lots of hard work, ups and downs, and lots of trial and error.

  • Entrepreneur

    At JotForm, our New Grad program pairs inexperienced employees with seasoned designers, developers, or other professionals. Brand-new staff members serve as “co-pilots” for senior employees, or work on dedicated projects and receive regular feedback. We also bring in external mentors to stretch our skills in areas like data science and marketing.

  • Digital

    The JotForm Health app is an extension of JotForm’s web-based online form builder. Once a form is submitted through the app, JotForm automatically encrypts the data, guaranteeing the privacy of health information.

  • Entrepreneur

    Recently, during our standing Friday demo day (via Zoom), I shared with my team at JotForm how I see our business like a puzzle — in the center is our original product, the Form Builder. As we grow, we add to the puzzle, with new products and tools like Reports, Apps, and more recently, Tables.

  • Fast

    With rapidly changing work and economic conditions, business owners know that the need for finding innovative solutions has never been more critical. If I’ve learned anything it’s that the answers are often more accessible than we realize. It’s just a matter of slowing down, finding the right tools, and trusting in the process.

  • AiThority

    Common use cases of the JotForm Health app include screening for COVID-19, registering for a COVID-19 vaccine, gathering medical history, collecting bill payments, scheduling in-person or virtual appointments and much more.

  • Entrepreneur

    As the head of JotForm, I strive to embrace the paradoxes that come with running my company. One example is the idea of being more essential and less involved, which I work through by delegating. This can be hard: There are many day-to-day aspects of my business that I love.

  • CareerBright

    Employees and employers alike have found a lot to like about working from home: It’s convenient, cost-effective, flexible, and productive. But there are also ongoing remote work challenges — especially when it comes to socialization.

  • Lifehack

    Every Sunday night, I sit down in my office and plot out the course of my week. After determining what I need to accomplish in a week’s time, I plan the structure of each day according to my energy and creativity levels.

  • MarTech

    JotForm, a popular online form builder, is expanding its partnership opportunities with a new Solutions Partner Program. The Solutions Partner Program provides agencies and consultants with a complete data-collection solution, along with JotForm training and sales collateral, that they can share with their clients.

  • AdRoll

    JotForm Tables is a hybrid spreadsheet-database tool that provides collaboration for all aspects of business, including marketing. You can upload existing marketing data or enter new data manually.

  • Entrepreneur

    At my startup, JotForm, it’s sometimes difficult to find the exact right person to fill a certain role. Fortunately, we have a great team of employees willing to mentor new hires and less experienced staff members. By nurturing younger employees or helping them develop new skill sets, you’re creating the people who can help you build an amazing product.

  • MakeUseOf

    JotForm is doing something slightly new and totally revolutionary. It has added smart tables to an existing product, giving it superpowers.

  • Fast

    Ultimately, systems thinking leads to improved performance. Getting to the core of a problem before making a decision will not only make you a better thinker, it will make you a more productive leader, too.

  • Business

    Not too long ago, small businesses had limited options for raising capital. Today’s connected world allows companies to tap into a vast network of lending, crowdfunding, and invoice factoring to raise needed cash without the rigors and restrictions of traditional bank lending.

  • Entrepreneur

    Growing my business, JotForm, from a young company to one that reaches over 8 million users, I’ve learned that there’s nothing more important than having a healthy, supportive culture.

  • MobileMonkey

    You need a form to drive traffic to that collects valuable data seamlessly for your inbound marketing strategy. JotForm is the easiest way to build forms and includes more useful widgets than you can shake a banana at.

  • ReadWrite

    There has been an explosion in no-code/low-code software. Now, you can build a powerful database — often in a matter of a few minutes and without writing a single line of code. Here is all about JotForm Tables. JotForm is a new collaboration tool to challenge Airtable and Google tables.

  • Artwork

    But technology has changed how artists showcase their work. As galleries struggle to stay open due to exorbitant rent and poor staff retention — not to mention a global pandemic — artists have taken to selling their work online.

  • Fast

    Two major things happened to me this year that gave me a perspective shift. The first being the release of our latest product: a spreadsheet tool we spent three years arduously working on, dubbed JotForm Tables.

  • Business

    Writing down your notes and to-do items with pen and paper is not 100-percent distraction-free, but it does give you the time to think about what you are writing and keeps you focused on the topic or task at hand.

  • Lifehack

    The first tip to manage time is to first define your mission. Before you learn to manage your time effectively, you need to set goals. And before you can set goals that make sense, you need a big-picture understanding of your mission—to nail down the “why” that motivates your “what.”

  • Entrepreneur

    Like many areas of life, success in entrepreneurship is all about balance. None of us can do it perfectly, and your focus will naturally ebb and flow as your business grows. Start by giving your full attention to what’s — or who’s — in front of you.

  • PaymentsSource

    If you’re selling products online using an order form, consider embedding photos of the products in the form. JotForm research  has found that doing so can increase customer conversion rates by 80%.

  • Calendar

    Contract templates allow you to move closer to automating more of your to-do list tasks. That means you’ll be more efficient. All you’ll have to do is consult your templates to see which one makes sense for each new situation.

  • BlueSnap

    It should be easy to find your donation form, and once it’s built, you can direct potential donors to this page instead of a general home page. Your form should be optimized to make the donation process as simple as possible for visitors.

  • Marvel

    Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and building a custom form and website, we recommend using a survey maker such as JotForm (we’re biased of course!), to build your survey.

  • CMSWire

    At JotForm, we love using Slack to share our projects with one another, but we also use it to engage on a personal level. We have a general channel where we message work-from-home pictures and entertaining tidbits that happen in our day-to-day lives. It helps us stay connected.

  • Entrepreneur

    When I first tried to schedule uninterrupted time into my day at JotForm, my initial goal was two hours. I realized quickly just how hard it would be to break the habit of constantly looking at my phone.

  • TechHQ

    Low-code empowers people with zero technical skills to collect, manage, organize, and track data in an incredibly simple way.

  • Databox

    A great way to spice us your ‘About’ page is to include an interactive timeline showcasing what your company has achieved like in JotForm’s About page. These can be milestones, such as when the company was founded, large product launches, opening new offices abroad, or reaching an exciting number of users.

  • BenefitsPRO

    Work anniversaries, individual or team accomplishments, promotions, etc., should all be celebrated with the team virtually. This can help keep team members and managers connected, and it reinforces performance incentives.

  • Entrepreneur

    Take our latest feature, JotForm Tables. This spreadsheet tool is the culmination of three years of work. Some companies might balk at dedicating so much time and resources to a seemingly minor feature. Maybe it’s crazy.

  • Bar

    Since states keep changing rules for restaurants throughout the country, it's good practice to focus on promoting takeout and online orders. There are easy to use and affordable tech tools – like online form builder JotForm – that make it easy to collect orders and payments online. Restaurants can even generate QR code menus through JotForm to ensure a fully contactless experience for customers.

  • Practical

    JotForm is another good tool for creating online forms that accept file uploads. JotForm also lets you create forms that people can fill and sign online.


    However, companies will need new technology to work remotely over the long haul, like tools to manage, track, and organize data. Spreadsheets are fine for some purposes, but remote groups who are working together will need better solutions, such as apps that allow them to easily share and export data, view data in different formats, search and filter information, etc.

  • TechCrunch

    No-code “online form builder” JotForm told The Exchange that its revenue is up 50% from its 2019 results, that its enterprise customer base is up 620%, and that it expects to reach “100,000 total paid users by end of year."

  • Fast

    As CEO of my own company, I’m a big advocate for leading with compassion. People are dealing with innumerable struggles right now, from lack of childcare, to health care concerns, to financial uncertainty; things are difficult across the board.

  • Entrepreneur

    I started JotForm long before the pandemic hit, but we still opted to bootstrap simply because it fit our mission as an organization. It was a slower process, to be sure, and it was admittedly difficult to watch other entrepreneurs gain momentum overnight.

  • Business

    Several companies now offer no-code tools to help you build all types of things. Examples include Zapier, Airtable, JotForm, and Shopify. These user-friendly no-code tools walk you through building integrations, apps, forms, tables, e-commerce sites, and the like with features such as drag-and-drop and click functionality.

  • QuotaPath

    A designated workspace is a must. Make sure to have a desk, good lighting, and attractive background for video calls. Invest in (or make your employer invest in) tools like a large monitor, ergonomic office chair, etc. It’s also important to have a clutter-free and inviting space so that you can be your most productive self every day.

  • Clutch

    One way to start including employees more is to ask for their feedback through a formal process, like an online survey. Not only is this an efficient way to gather opinions across the company, but it also provides a necessary outlet for employees to share their thoughts.

  • EngageBay

    JotForm is an easy and powerful online form builder, designed to help you seamlessly collect important information. Gather data through your website with a custom lead generation or contact form, then instantly sync that data to EngageBay CRM with JotForm’s free integration.

  • Fast

    At my company, each of our millions of users has an opinion about our product. But we consider their feedback invaluable, as that is how we know what is working and what is not. Admittedly, this feedback is not always easy to hear, but by absorbing our customers’ needs and wants, we’re able to deliver a stronger product.


    When we began hiring remotely, we used our own product to build a custom applicant tracking system (ATS). This allows us to store all of the applications in our workspace, where we review and track candidates throughout the process using advanced search filtering, custom columns and tags, and more.

  • Mailmunch

    While the pandemic might have been the catalyst for widespread e-signature adoption among the holdouts, the benefits of using e-signatures go far beyond reducing person-to-person contact.

  • Lifehack

    When I first launched my company, I had a very small team. And back then, we all wore a lot of hats, simply because we had to. My colleagues and I worked tirelessly together to build, troubleshoot, and market our product, and nobody complained (at least most of the time).

  • Entrepreneur

    I created my company, JotForm, not because I was specifically passionate about building online forms, but because I recognized a need in my industry, and had the skills and experience to help fill it. I find enormous satisfaction in applying my natural talents to help people save time.

  • Shep

    Companies usually try to take a shortcut while collecting feedback to improve their overall customer experience forgetting that an overall look means nothing. So, when collecting feedback, you should aim at getting feedback about each unique point of your overall customer experience processes.

  • The

    JotForm Tables is a data management tool that populates information submitted through your online forms into an easy-to-read table (you can also populate a table by importing external data, adding it manually, or using one of our hundreds of premade templates).

  • American

    Camp administrators find that digital forms offer a streamlined method of gathering information. And JotForm Tables makes it easy for summer camps to manage, track, and organize form submissions. Additionally, digital screening questionnaires are more convenient for staff members and campers.

  • BloggingX

    I’ve considered JotForm as one of the best Typeform alternatives as it keeps up with the emerging trends in form building like payment integrations, HIPAA compliance, and form widgets.

  • Entrepreneur

    At my company, JotForm, we treat analytics as an opportunity to optimize human potential — using it to challenge our assumptions, develop new insights, and use what we learn to take action. What’s more? By positioning ourselves as students, we don’t only reinforce a positive culture, we are also better able to serve our customers.

  • Class

    JotForm Tables is part spreadsheet, part database tool. It allows anyone to manage, track, and organize their data, all in one place. In our education space, you might use JotForm Tables to collect and store information, keep track of assignments, log family communication, and so much more!

  • Business

    JotForm's free builder is more customizable than Google Forms and is one of the only free builders to accept payments. They have an extensive template library, with over 10,000 form templates, and it can be easily integrated with your marketing tools.

  • Toolbox

    JotForm has introduced a new no-code productivity app for the management of data. The company launched JotForm Tables — a spreadsheet that packs all the functional elements of a database.

  • Entrepreneur

    While Aytekin Tank toiled away at his day job, he spent his free time developing what would become one of the most popular online form builder tools in the world. His work as a senior web developer provided enough additional funds to turn his ideas into a reality. Over time, Aytekin Tank put away a small fraction of his paycheck until he was ready to launch JotForm.

  • ilovefreesoftware

    JotForm Tables is a new Airtable alternative that you can use as an online spreadsheet and to collect and organize data. The database-spreadsheet it offers is really powerful and you can use it for various purposes.

  • Lifehack

    The current world we live in demands the highest level of productivity that we can offer. However, we also have to take a break once in a while. We are humans, after all. Learning the art of properly taking a break will not only give you the rest you need but also increase your productivity in the long run.

  • TechRadar

    A new no-code spreadsheet with the functionality of a database has just launched, giving users an alternative to the likes of Airtable and Google Tables. JotForm Tables allows users to collect, organize and manage data in a single place, using a customizable Form Builder.

  • Techolac

    As a business, you should collect preliminary information from customers through calls, online surveys, or automated post-interaction. You can use a survey tool like JotForm to create the best online surveys.

  • Entrepreneur

    Offering up your vulnerabilities can feel like you’re presenting yourself as a weak leader. But over the last 14 years of building my company, JotForm, I've learned that it’s the opposite. Embracing this discomfort can actually drive opportunity.

  • Andy

    Sick of trying to sync your spreadsheet files with the exact version of a co-workers software? So are we! Thankfully an answer has arrived in the form of JotForm Tables!

  • Ask

    JotForm Tables addresses the ongoing need teachers and schools have for easy-to-understand, easy-to-customize data to help with decision-making. In place of the conventional intimidating table you get from standard spreadsheet programs, JotForm Tables offers an attractive layout, loads of customization options, inclusion of all kinds of data , and more.

  • HR

    Combined with JotForm’s sophisticated online forms, JotForm Tables lets HR teams collect and organize applications, manage PTO requests, evaluate interviewees as a team, create a checklist for new hires, and much more.

  • AiThority

    Spreadsheets are great for working with data, but they have significant limitations and don’t work for teams looking to collaborate. So, we built something better — a tool that looks like a spreadsheet, but is much more powerful since it’s supported by a sophisticated online forms product.

  • SalesTechStar

    JotForm Tables looks like a spreadsheet but acts like a database. This tool works by organizing form submission data, imported data and manually entered data in one feature-rich interface. It’s powered by a sophisticated forms engine, streamlining and simplifying data collection.

  • Free

    JotForm is a good alternative to Google Forms and Microsoft Forms. In JotForm there is an option to add appointment registration questions. You can set appointment slots of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Once an appointment has been claimed it can't be claimed by anyone else visiting your form.

  • Entrepreneur

    We do this by clearly delineating the parameters between our “on” and “off” hours, and communicating that it’s okay to not respond to things immediately. At JotForm, this has become one of the core tenets of how I want to run my business. It’s important that I foster a culture where we have strict boundaries in place for screen time and prioritize mental well being.

  • TotalRetail

    Getting started with e-commerce is as simple as setting up an account with a platform, but it gets more complicated the further you go. Make the most of your investment by creating a strategy that fits the needs of your business while prioritizing a platform that includes must-have e-commerce features — not just the one that everyone else is using.


    Hiring the same kinds of people over and over again won’t bolster your culture — it will only confine your culture to a box. The best hires are those who fit the current culture while also helping to expand that culture in new and positive ways.

  • ActiveCampaign

    Building with ActiveCampaign has added great value to our more than 8 million customers. Since launching our integration, we've noticed a significant increase in paid users who have integrated JotForm directly with ActiveCampaign.

  • Support

    JotForm is an online form builder that can be used to create and publish customer surveys quickly. A free plan is offered with basic features, and you can fully customize the survey designs to match your desired branding.

  • CEO

    Our company takes content very seriously and produces 100K+ words of it each month in the form of pillar pages, guides, and blogs for our target industries. We also use social media to share PR hits we get in top tier publications, such as Fast Company and Entrepreneur.

  • Small

    It’s important for employees to still feel supported and have access to resources when they are not in the office. Using a digital form tool, such as JotForm, enables employees to quickly and easily submit requests.

  • Fast

    At my company, JotForm, we’re setting employees up with whatever they need to thrive in their home workspace. All they have to do is fill out a form with their requests and contact information, which helps us stay organized and gets them what they need promptly.

  • TechRadar

    JotForm is an online web and email survey building solution that aims to undercut Typeform while being even easier to use. A coding-free solution that most marketing people should be able to master quickly and generate the leads or feedback that they need.

  • Entrepreneur

    For my company, changing the way we use communication channels is something we’ve had to consider compared to how we did things back in March. While having unstructured time to constantly ping people may have worked for us in the beginning as more of us adjusted to working from home, we soon discovered that it also hindered our productivity.

  • MarTech

    The Solutions Partner Program helps agencies and consultants build new streams of recurring revenue, increase growth, and expand their clients’ businesses. Organizations already in the program include Mindful Web Solutions, Glenridge Technology Solutions, Bloominari, WEO Media and Solutions for Growth.

  • Lifehack

    Learning how to increase your attention span requires great effort at first, especially since you’re already struggling to pay attention in the first place. However, with the right mindset and discipline, and by following these 7 steps, you will improve and eventually master your focus and increase your attention span.

  • Solution

    JotForm Zoom Scheduler is a free Zoom Scheduler app that provides the additional advantage of JotForm to schedule times and registers new invitees during webinars, online meetings, and conferences. It lets you seamlessly schedule Zoom meetings with clients.

  • Pabbly

    It is a well-known fact that adding data of every single JotForm form one by one in Google Sheets like name, email, address, etc can be a hectic task. Thus, to save you from a lot of redundant work, we started looking out for software that can easily integrate JotForm with Google Sheets.

  • SmartrMail

    Make the most of Black Friday this year by starting your sale early. Even beginning your sale 1-2 weeks in advance will give your customers more time to purchase from you, which will increase your sales overall.

  • Entrepreneur

    At JotForm, we constantly question our motivation and how we can better connect our technology to our customers. We never stop experimenting.

  • Egnyte

    The simplest way to collect patient information – such as consent forms, medical records, signatures, and online payments – is through a HIPAA-compliant form software, like JotForm.

  • SalesTech

    JotForm's Solutions Partner Program provides agencies and consultants with a complete data-collection solution, along with JotForm training and sales collateral, that they can share with their clients.

  • Business

    According to GoToWebinar, 75% of all webinars are created by SaaS brands. The same data cites that three-fourths of B2B and sales leaders say that webinars are the best method to generate high-quality leads. JotForm PDF Editor uses a webinar that is hosted on their website for their product demo.

  • Keap

    JotForm’s integration with Keap enables you to gather important information from your online forms and automatically send it into your sales pipeline by creating new contacts, updating existing contacts, and adding tags that allow you to segment your outreach efforts.

  • Entrepreneur

    As CEO of a bootstrapped company, I launched my company, JotForm, 14 years ago with a specific and guiding purpose: create a product that makes robust online forms easy and intuitive for our customers. What this means is that no matter how much we change business strategies, we’re committed to that singular focus.

  • U.S.

    Square works with a range of mobile banking and e-commerce apps, including JotForm, which uses online forms to collect customer data and payments, and WooCommerce, an online store app.

  • Truecoach

    We use a set of questions designed for helpful feedback through a JotForm link here at our gym. It’s simple: send the link over to each athlete during the end of the third week within their 4-week training block in order to receive a submitted response within 24-48 hours.

  • Talkwalker

    JotForm is an online form builder that lets people create surveys as well as many other types of online forms for generating leads, bookings/orders, memberships, and more. Features include a Report Builder for visualizing data and creating professional reports or presentations that can be shared via a link, integrations with apps like Mailchimp, Square, Dropbox, Google Sheets,, and more.

  • TechnologyAdvice

    Like any form of digital communication, your consent forms need to be secure and HIPAA compliant. HIPAA-compliant form builders, like JotForm, make it easy to build forms and collect signatures, often within a few minutes.

  • Databox

    To manage your content editorial calendar efficiently, have an airtight process in place. It doesn’t matter if you use a spreadsheet or project management app – the most important thing is to make sure everyone on your content team, including freelancers and agencies, understands your process. This will ensure your content is effectively organized, managed, and published on time.

  • HR

    Onboarding is your opportunity to get new hires up to speed about your business, your company culture, and what you expect their role to entail. But when operating remotely, your onboarding policy must be just as structured — if not more structured — than your in-person processes.


    You can use a tool like JotForm to create online surveys and gather customer feedback. Besides, here are some tips to carry out the survey smoothly: Set a clear objective, know the target audience that you wish to survey, prepare a questionnaire, identify and select the best ways to get answers to your questions, and more.

  • Lioness

    Most people say to limit watching the news, but if you work in PR, you should be watching it more. Each day there are new things happening and it’s important to understand trending topics, so that you can be a part of the conversation if it makes sense for your organization.

  • TechFunnel

    Electronic forms are incredibly important to company metrics and output, so JotForm helps mitigate those responsibilities. From sales reports, customer support requests, to the process of downloading free content, the form itself is important to keep clients engaged.

  • Geekflare

    Prepare winning proposals with the PDF templates of JotForm in minutes. Whether you want to design a project proposal, business proposal, or bid proposal, they provide templates across different needs.

  • Express

    You can also create and send web forms to your audience and use a free tool such as JotForm’s PDF editor to automatically gather data and extract insights.

  • Fast

    But remote work comes with a few risks to your mental health—and it’s important to set appropriate boundaries to protect your well-being. If work is taking up more space in your mind and life than you’d like, you may be on the brink of remote work burnout. Here are four telltale signs to look for.

  • Thrive

    When I first started out, I thought that doing multiple things at once was a good thing. I thought I’d grow at hyperspeed and become successful quickly. It took years to realize that this was completely wrong. I finally had an epiphany that I needed to focus on one project only, which ended up being JotForm.

  • TrustRadius

    TrustRadius today awarded 116 Tech Cares awards to technology companies that have gone above and beyond to support their clients and communities in 2020 and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The award also recognizes companies that have contributed directly to combat the virus, either with their products, knowledge, or financial support.

  • Forbes

    At JotForm, we want a customer to meet one of three criteria before we commit to featuring them in a case study video. The brand should be visually captivating, should use our software in a way that we specifically want to highlight or should be such a large brand that we’d feature it regardless of how our software is used. Sometimes we get a mix of the above, which is always great.

  • Databox

    Write for SEO, but make sure it’s still interesting. SEO lingo can sound robotic sometimes, so when you’re writing website copy keep in mind that at the end of the day, you’re writing for humans. Try to spice it up a bit and make it engaging when you can, so it is relatable and personable.

  • CampBusiness

    JotForm Smart PDF Forms can provide a solution. This powerful tool seamlessly transforms existing PDF forms into easy-to-share online forms, retaining the original PDF’s content and fillable fields, all with little to no customization required!

  • Modern

    One of the best things restaurants can do right now is to invest in social media. People are bored and on their favorite social platforms looking for entertainment, at-home activities, and take out options. Share high-quality images and engaging captions of your food and beverages, outdoor dining if you have it, and anything else that differentiates your business. Be sure to offer deals when you can to further motivate people to purchase from you.

  • Fast

    For many of us, working from home has morphed from a novelty to a way of life. At first, we improvised, attending Zoom meetings in pajamas and answering emails from bed. But now, after half a year spent living with the pandemic, it’s time to reevaluate our habits.

  • Agent

    One of the best ways to get high-quality tenants is to use an online application form. Online application forms are much more in-depth than paper forms, legible, and easy to manage the submission data.

  • Shep

    In other words, it’s often only the high-level takeaways from customer service feedback that are communicated to your support team (if at all). And much of the time, that’s for good reason. You don’t want to inundate team members with survey data. After all, when faced a bunch of numbers on a scale chart, how likely is it that your eyes will gloss over?

  • Hppy

    One of the first things a new hire has to do is fill out a ton of paperwork, which includes everything from W2s and direct deposit bank details to job contracts, insurance, and 401(k) forms.

  • Entrepreneur

    But here’s the thing: I didn’t give up on my dream. Instead, I used my day job to fuel my passion and learned valuable lessons about business and managing teams in the process. Five years later, I felt more prepared and confident to quit my job and to start my own company, JotForm.

  • TecHR

    Online forms can streamline contact tracing and — crucially — protect employee privacy. You can set up a HIPAA-compliant form online (and distribute it via a website, email or social media channel) to collect data on employees diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • Fast

    At my company, my team and I delete Slack from our phones over the holidays. We don’t respond to emails after hours either. This is something I established long before the current crisis and have taken even more seriously since. I also model boundaries by letting my team know the exact times they can reach me, and when I am no longer available.

  • Modern

    It’s simple to integrate online ordering into your restaurant website with digital forms. Look for forms you can easily place on your site, customize to display your logo and background image, and integrate with online payment systems. Make sure you can add enticing photos of food items to the form, which can drive more purchases.

  • Medium

    At JotForm, we’re always launching new products to make our users’ lives easier. We’re launching a new product in October to help users better organize, track, and manage their form responses. It’s a really great product and we’ve been working on it for a while now and are excited to release it.

  • Educational

    JotForm Smart PDF Forms is also a great tool for tracking form submissions. As a teacher, you can use it to gather and track responses from your students. The tool also stores all submitted feedback in a single place where you can easily search and filter responses. You can also download responses or save them as PDFs in the original PDF layout.

  • Constant

    Realtors can also use tools like JotForm to collect client information online and Zoom, Facebook Live, and Google Meet to “walk” their clients through virtual tours of potential properties.

  • Fast

    Today, my team and I continue adjusting to our new normal, and I’ve made it a point to show my team I have their back—by hosting virtual coffee breaks for them to vent and let off steam, by giving personalized praise to each team member for all their contributions, and by cultivating a sense of trust with flexible scheduling.

  • Hongkiat

    JotForm is a free web-based tool to create and embed forms in websites. It’s a great tool to collect data such as emails, survey answers, phone numbers, etc.

  • Tapfiliate

    Using a tool like JotForm’s Survey Maker can simplify the process of creating feedback surveys, since they are easier to customize and embed on any website

  • North

    A feature that is a game changer for many law firms is Smart PDF Forms. You can take an existing Word document and convert it to PDF or use an existing PDF form and upload it to JotForm. You can add additional fields such as signatures and file uploads. It is a far more user friendly way to collect data from your clients and you will get the information back as a completed PDF document and you can leverage the data in Excel or CSV.

  • Forbes

    Human interest stories are inherently more interesting than "dry" product topics, but there's no reason your marketing messaging can't be both. Customer case studies, user research reports and simple testimonial quotes from real customers can do a lot of the heavy lifting in making your product or service more compelling to learn about.

  • Entrepreneur

    At my company, JotForm, we launched a company Medium channel. I blog there myself, but also encourage every employee to write candidly about their work. This creates a window into what’s going on behind the scenes.

  • SmallBusinessSense

    The great thing about Stripe is that you can connect it with a lot of other services like JotForm. It creates forms, order forms, sign-up sheets, etc. Stripe accepts a variety of payment options and can easily connect to JotForm to create order forms you need as easy as possible.

  • Softwareworld

    Whether you need to collect contact tracing information from customers as they enter your facility, get them to sign waivers, or collect feedback in the form of surveys, JotForm’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop survey maker and form builder is a must-have tool.

  • Ask

    JotForm Smart PDF Forms allow educators to turn traditional PDFs into powerful online forms that are easy for parents and students to fill out from any device, any platform, any browser. Once you (as teacher) receive the completed form, it becomes data that you can sort, evaluate, and then can share the results.

  • Young

    Whether you’re trying to expand your marketing team, get your business off the ground, maintain momentum, or secure outside financing to expand, a marketing plan is essential. Although a marketing plan is key to running a successful business, it’s not a substitute for a business plan; the two strategic documents have distinctly different goals and serve different purposes.

  • Databox

    Honestly followers are the most important metric we use for LinkedIn. That might not sound original, but it’s the most important to us. If we get more followers, then more people are going to read the content we publish on LinkedIn.

  • Forbes

    Once you start connecting with people, start surveying them to learn more about who your target customer might be. Taking the beer subscription service example, use survey software like JotForm to ask questions about gender, drinking habits, and how free time is spent.

  • FastCompany

    At the same time, I’m also CEO of a company, JotForm, with over 250 employees. A big part of my job involves being a role model to my team. And that means recognizing the emotional impact of these times—not brushing it under the rug.

  • HR

    HR teams can use online forms for contact tracing. Online forms mitigate the tediousness of collecting information. They allow HR to collect the employee’s name, address, symptom timeline, personal contact information, information about anyone he or she came into contact with, e-signature, and much more.

  • The

    Aytekin Tank is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of JotForm, an online form building tool that helps users create and publish forms. Founded in 2006, JotForm was the first WYSIWYG form builder that enabled users with no technical expertise to build their own online surveys, applications, contact forms, order forms, and event registrations.

  • Entrepreneur

    As a bootstrapped founder, I grew my company, JotForm, slowly and carefully. This gradual growth has allowed me to figure out what I truly value. I’ve made some mistakes, but in the process of expanding from a solo venture to a company with over 250 employees, I’ve learned a lot about what to look for in a hire.


    As B2B marketing becomes more emotionally driven, and getting access to consumers becomes easier than ever, the line separating B2B and B2C will blur further. This gives businesses great new ways to find and keep customers. Just don't jump in without first putting together a strategy.

  • Healthcare

    Of course, many also used their EHR’s patient portal to collect this info and we’ve even seen relatively new entrants to this space like JotForm. While this movement was happening, the move to telehealth and the new social distancing requirements has made this largely a must have.

  • ValueWalk

    The process of sending paper documents back and forth between parties can take days or even weeks, with some paperwork never getting signed in the end. By implementing electronic signature solutions, financial advisors and wealth planners can work with individuals to complete contracts faster and more efficiently, with fewer hold-ups along the way.

  • Andy

    Whether you’re conducting research, gauging the success of a program, or analyzing customer feedback to make improvements, JotForm Report Builder can automatically generate a beautiful report and provide the tools you need to seamlessly build one from scratch.

  • The

    JotForm Report Builder enables you to gather feedback, poll responses, survey answers, and vital client information, and transform it into professional, dynamic reports that update with each new submission.

  • UpCity

    Our company, JotForm, sells online forms, and it’s not the most exciting product. We decided to experiment with videos by adding people into our tutorials, kitschy humor into our product launches, and interesting customers in our use cases.

  • Bplans

    You might also consider sending out surveys and feedback forms before and after your event to see what worked and what didn’t. This will help you better understand your audience.

  • FastCompany

    In the past 14 years I’ve spent building my company, JotForm, I’ve found the following strategies helpful in learning to embrace failure and focus on the bigger picture.

  • Adam

    At JotForm, we’re fortunate the pandemic hasn’t affected our company too much. We’ve seen an increase in users since so many industries, such as healthcare, food and beverage, and education, are moving online.

  • Entrepreneur

    During the first five years of JotForm, we had just four employees. It was relatively easier to keep track of communication. But as we grew, I decided that promoting a healthy company culture meant adjusting our policies to reflect our values.

  • MobileMonkey

    Use JotForm’s new JotForm Reports to review top service requests for trends or recurring issues. This puts all information into a handy report you can share with your entire team.

  • Lifehack

    Feedback should be welcome. Employees who believe that their contribution matters to shaping the company will be more likely to share. These contributions may contain suggestions that could help the business achieve its goals much faster.

  • InvoiceBerry

    If you are looking for ways to go paperless with your business and deal with less paperwork, make sure to check out JotForm’s guide on electronic signatures.

  • Third

    Our VP of Product regularly tells us that if we wait until a product is completely ready before launching it, then we've waited too long. And I've started to agree with that more and more. This attitude helps us get to market faster, and also initiates that valuable customer feedback earlier on as well.

  • Ask

    JotForm Report Builder is a sophisticated but simple way to turn data into information. Responses gathered via form are quickly turned into a visually appealing report or presentation that students or colleagues will want to read. Here’s how it works:

  • Class

    JotForm Report Builder is a useful tool for virtual learning. It takes the data you collect from online forms and turns it into visuals. You can use these presentation-ready reports to share any data you collect. In a distance learning environment, you can gather information remotely and share it in a variety of formats.

  • Educational

    JotForm Report Builder is perfect for helping educators turn data, such as quiz results, virtual classroom demographics, parent feedback, and more into presentation-ready reports. It’s available free of charge, so be sure to give it a try today!

  • Oberlo

    Another tool that I like is JotForm. It’s free to use for up to five registration forms and up to a hundred registrations. If you’re hosting a webinar for a small audience, this might be the perfect option for you.

  • Free

    JotForm is a good tool for creating fillable PDFs and online forms for things like course registration, permission slips, and course evaluations. Last week I wrote a detailed overview of JotForm. I made a video that walks you through the features of JotForm from the perspective of a form creator and a form respondent.

  • Toolbox

    JotForm, an online form builder tool, launched a tool Report Builder to instantly create reports from collected data and make more informed business decisions. The new tool is simple to use, gives users full control over the look and feel of their reports and is included in every JotForm plan free of charge.

  • FastCompany

    This is why I try to recruit at least two team members at JotForm to participate in the interview process. Together, we can see how a candidate interacts with their peers. What’s more, this helps the interviewee glean critical information about our company.

  • Hubstaff

    There are a lot of operational adjustments that you can adapt if your agency is looking to enhance productivity. So here is a look at some of the best practices and operational strategies you can apply to your home health care agency.


    JotForm Report Builder helps you collect data and visualize it instantly. Responses compiled from JotForm surveys are automatically organized into reports and can be used to build charts, graphs, or other presentations with no coding necessary.


    Boost Collective uses Shopify as their eCommerce platform, HubSpot for email marketing, and JotForm for lead collection. When they started out they used to manually export contact data from Shopify and JotForm then add those contacts to a nurturing workflow in HubSpot.

  • SitePoint

    JotForm is as an easy-to-use form builder, which integrates handling payments, among other things.

  • FastCompany

    If you’re ready to tackle what matters, here are three tactics to help you make the shift. It’s easy to be seduced by productivity, but in my experience, you’ll gain far more peace, satisfaction, and happiness by prioritizing your creativity.xx

  • Marketing

    Whether you’re creating a feedback form, collecting online payments, developing an application form, or trying to gauge employee satisfaction, forms are an invaluable way to gather important data from customers and employees alike.

  • PaymentsSource

    There are a few ways to make this happen. JotForm, for instance, lets you create an order form that you can share as a QR code. A business can present the QR code, and an order form with selectable options will come up on a customer’s device. The form can integrate with payment options like Square, PayPal Commerce Platform and Stripe for secure processing.

  • Zapier

    The first thing she did was create a pre-qualification questionnaire using JotForm to make sure that she was getting on calls with the right people. Now, she has every potential client complete that form.

  • Entrepreneur

    When I first started JotForm in 2006, I was doing every job myself. As a bootstrapped founder, wearing every hat was part of the deal, and it was helpful in a lot of ways—I learned about what sort of people I wanted to find, and what skills and attributes would make a good fit.

  • FastCompany

    A remote work environment requires intentional culture-building. It takes time, but it’s worth the effort to encourage strong personal connections. Here are four ways to help your teams stay engaged from a distance, both with your company and with each other.

  • PayJunction

    Patients can schedule their appointments, provide the necessary information, and pay for their telemedicine visits with a single form. To name a great duo, you can rely on PayJunction’s integration with JotForm to create these forms and collect payments.

  • Octane

    To some degree, business leaders are always clocked in; the task list never ends when you’re building a successful business. Strong time management reduces the time spent on tasks that aren’t helping you succeed, allowing you to prioritize activities that benefit you and your business.

  • Entrepreneur

    It’s tough to find great people who perfectly fit our culture at JotForm, so I spend a lot of time thinking about each potential hire. But overthinking every little decision can needlessly slow your productivity.

  • Inc.

    For a long time, I made a point to do one-on-one lunches with employees, and it's been a great way to build empathy, says Aytekin Tank, CEO at online form-building platform JotForm. It's become more challenging as our head count balloons, but I still have these lunches when I can.

  • eCommerce

    Setting up a mobile checkout experience doesn’t need to be time-intensive or hard. Now, there are tons of software options, such as JotForm’s Paypal Commerce Platform integration, which makes it easy for even solopreneurs and small businesses to deliver a great purchasing experience.

  • HubSpot

    JotForm was included in HubSpot's 500 Apps of Summer: Customers' Top App Marketplace Picks.

  • San

    We’re converting them to a JotForm,” she said, “which allows people to enter the data into the form. They will still have to pull things out of boxes. But when they make the call based on the information they got from the box, they will be able to enter all of the information that patient gave them into the digitized form.

  • Apple

    This is a versatile online form builder suitable for teams of any size. The drag-and-drop app is easy to use and helps manage teams, clock in work hours, collect feedback, and assign tasks. It also comes with ready-made templates and options for customization.

  • BigCommerce

    Make sure the survey is engaging and easy to fill out. For example, a survey maker like JotForm provides free templates you can use.

  • Verdict’s

    The integration will also allow JotForm users cater to global markets as PayPal Commerce Platform allows merchants to accept payments in several currencies.

  • IBS

    Setting up the integration is an easy and fast process. From JotForm’s Form Builder, users can add PayPal Business. Then they can connect their PayPal accounts or sign up for a new one from JotForm. The integration also opens JotForm users to new global markets if they sell internationally.

  • TalkCMO

    Online form building software JotForm announced an integration with the PayPal Commerce Platform, an all-in-one payment platform where customers can pay the way they want in more than 100 currencies across a growing number of markets, including in North America and Europe.

  • Wyzowl

    When you create a demo video by recording the screens of your platform or app, you lose a little bit of story-telling ability. Animation solves this problem. A video by Jotform uses characters to highlight the current pain point felt by their ideal customers.

  • Vet2Pet

    To help us on the front end of our practice’s appointments, I decided to create a pre-exam visit form utilizing JotForm. JotForm is offering free accounts to companies providing essential services where their forms would help in day-to-day operations.

  • PropertyMe

    Build and send out online forms instantly and for free with JotForm.

  • Threat

    JotForm is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company which provides services to the healthcare industry. Some of their resources are devoted to HIPAA compliance due to the nature of their products. This is great for other tech vendors, since their perspective is similar to yours. In this highly visual and detailed guide, you’ll learn about everything needed for most companies.

  • FastCompany

    Technology allows us to be constantly available, but 24/7 connectivity isn’t healthy for anyone. Everyone needs time to recover from busy days jammed with competing responsibilities. Just as we’re all trying to protect each other from the virus, you can support your teams by respecting their personal time. You can start by putting into place healthy and manageable email practices.

  • ProWritingAid

    If that sounds more like you, then JotForm could be the tool for you. Unlike Proposify and PandaDoc, JotForm is 100 percent free – forever. So, if you’re in need of great looking free templates you can download in .PDF format, this covers all your bases.

  • Epic

    The more content you create, the harder it becomes to retain consistency, writes JotForm’s Chad Reid. A style guide will outline the particular writing style your content will adhere to, including things like tone, grammar and punctuation preferences. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, however. Reid and his team think of their style guide as a living document, something they are constantly adding to and editing.

  • Market

    Make sure the solution you choose is available on mobile (like JotForm and Connecteam) as well so you can access it anywhere and at any time. This will save you and your employees a lot of time as well and you can avoid the hassle of lugging around binders full of paper forms.

  • GoDaddy

    You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish with forms and spreadsheets. Excel Forms, Google Forms, Wufoo, Jotform, Formstack, and Airtable are all incredibly powerful tools if used properly. That’s where you come in.

  • Rebrandly

    Facebook pages are free, and so are the customization options. It is important to fill out everything possible to let your audience know what to expect from your business. Here are some tips. Embed your email list signup form directly on your page. For example, here’s how to do this if you use JotForm.

  • CMO

    Online form platform, JotForm is offering free, unlimited JotForm accounts to eligible first responders, healthcare workers, and government and nonprofit organisations that want to help their communities.

  • Entrepreneur

    As the founder of JotForm, a company with over 140 employees and 5.3 million users worldwide, I can’t afford to become paralyzed or make reckless decisions when a crisis hits. To face a challenge like the one we're in, it’s necessary to be cautious yet proactive with our decision-making.

  • 3dcart

    JotForm is a low-tech online form builder. It allows users to create online forms with minimum technical knowledge. It’s also quite a strong collaboration tool as your teammates can officially request work or help in their tasks, report progress, and more. It works especially well in eCommerce as supply chain management and inventory management teams can use it to report their situation.


    HIPAA-compliant platforms, such as JotForm, make it easy to set up a new form (often in a matter of a few minutes) and collect this information.

  • Entrepreneur

    I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was working full-time at a tech company while attempting to build my new business, JotForm. At that point, I was the only official JotForm employee — but I had my eye on a software developer I’d known for a while. I was hoping that once I sat down to explain my startup's vision, he’d jump at the opportunity to leave his job and join me

  • FastCompany

    As CEO of my company JotForm, I’m still adjusting, then readjusting, to the new, hopefully temporary, normal. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to nurture the supportive work environment that took 14 years to build.

  • Trello

    If your team doesn’t have a high level of psychological safety yet then consider creating a space where people can ask questions or provide feedback anonymously. Your team could set up a Google Form or JotForm to gather anonymous feedback or also use a tool like Retrium or OfficeVibe to really get an accurate pulse on the team’s emotions and performance.

  • Website

    Whether the form gives customers access to a whitepaper or brochure, provides an opportunity to view a product demo or gives visitors the chance to watch a webinar or join a mailing list, it’s a good idea to look at the transaction as an exchange and to frame the offer and design the form accordingly. With the right elements in place, forms can be incredibly efficient at turning website visitors into leads.

  • SaaSworthy

    The real evolution is the fact that JotForm isn’t really aimed at developers at all, but rather anyone who wants to create a powerful information collection tool, whether they’re a marketing manager or an admissions counselor at a school. And the product itself has undergone some substantial changes since 2006.

  • Nectafy

    We're starting to focus our marketing efforts on the industries that can benefit from us the most during COVID-19. Healthcare workers, grocery stores, and restaurants weren't target customers in our original 2020 marketing plan, but we're creating resources, templates, and discount programs for them in the wake of the outbreak.

  • FastCompany

    Meetings are tempting because they feel like productive work, when in reality, they are deceptive time wasters. From team gatherings to virtual happy hours, a constant stream of video calls can devour precious time you need to focus and solve problems.

  • FastCompany

    As CEO of my company, JotForm, I’ve been working from home with my spouse and two children. I understand it can feel stressful to conduct video meetings outside of the normal office environment.

  • Entrepreneur

    As an entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience growing my company, JotForm, I have to constantly bring my focus back to what matters most. This isn’t easy in a world full of distractions always vying for my attention. But the key, I’ve found, is to work on the projects that are the true game-changers — the ones that require innovation and creativity, and change people’s lives for the better.


    Have your patient print out, sign, scan, and send the form to you, or use a service like DocuSign or JotForm to obtain consent 100% electronically. As always, make sure you stay up to date on your state’s telemedicine policies.

  • The

    “We have a JotForm that families will fill out and on it they’ll list how many adults, children and babies are in the family and what their needs are based on that,” Dee said. JotForm is an online platform where people can fill out their information. The form can be accessed through the Future Economy Collective’s Facebook page or Instagram.

  • NextRequest

    Forms are used widely by governments to collect information and it’s one of the easiest ways to provide digital services to the public. Digital forms save citizens and government employees thousands of hours a year, reduce cost