The easy way to collect sensitive patient information

The easy way to collect sensitive patient information

Jotform Enterprise dipercaya oleh penyedia layanan kesehatan di seluruh dunia.

Aspen Valley Hospital
Australian Psychology Society
 Denver Health

Templat Formulir Layanan Kesehatan

Jotform Enterprise memungkinkan Anda membuat formulir dalam hitungan menit. Jika Anda ingin memulai terlebih dahulu daripada yang lain, telusuri koleksi template formulir perawatan kesehatan gratis kami.

Patient Feedback Form
Formulir Umpan Balik Pasien
Patient Intake Forms
Formulir Pasien Masuk
Patient Intake Form
Digital Signatures
Tanda Tangan Digital
Digital signatures
Kepatuhan HIPAA

HIPAA and security

HIPAA and security

Collecting patient information has always been a headache. Jotform Enterprise makes it easy for anyone in your organization to create a HIPAA-friendly form, and the forms improve the patient experience. Using our HIPAA features, your form data submissions are encrypted to ensure patient information stays safe. Your patient data is also stored in a local data residency center with added SOC 2 compliance, and you have complete control over who has access to your forms and data. If you’re accepting payments, Jotform Enterprise provides bank-level security.

Fast and Efficient

Practice management

Practice management

Managing a medical practice is hard work. Make your practice run faster, efficiently and meet privacy regulations by having your patients and employees complete necessary paperwork online.

When you get rid of paper forms and move to digital forms, you’ll instantly improve and automate the flow of patient information. Plus, patients can complete any forms from any location, check-in for an appointment, and submit their health insurance information. Jotform Enterprise also includes integrations with popular business software, which helps streamline your workflow.

Mudah Digunakan

Patient onboarding

Patient Onboarding

Onboarding a new patient requires several steps. Not only are you collecting information about the patient’s health history, you’re also collecting insurance and payment information, and consent for treatment, as well. Your patients can also upload important documents, including photos. Jotform Enterprise helps you get rid of the mountain of paper forms and digitize this process, and allow your patients to complete the forms anywhere.

Attract Users

Marketing your practice

Marketing your practice

Building your healthcare practice is one of the most exciting, and intimidating, activities you’ll manage. From attracting new patients, making people aware of new services and treatments, to ensuring patients have a positive experience, there’s a lot of items you need to handle.

Jotform Enterprise makes it easier by providing you the tools you need to create, distribute and tabulate patient satisfaction surveys. When you create a contact form, it’s the first step in building and managing your patient mailing list. Additionally, you can make it easy and convenient for patients to schedule appointments online.

Perangkat Telemedis

Helping you treat patients

Helping you treat patients

Anda telah menyiapkan perangkat medis untuk membantu mereka yang membutuhkan — namun bagaimana dengan perangkat telemedis Anda? Dengan menggunakan Jotform Enterprise, Anda dapat dengan mudah membuat formulir medis online yang ramah HIPAA untuk menjaga keamanan data kesehatan pasien yang sensitif. Pelajari tentang fitur-fitur canggih yang menjadikan Jotform Enterprise software ideal bagi para profesional medis.

Tanda tangan elektronik

Automate signing processes

Automate signing processes

Streamline your e-sign process with Jotform Sign. Not only can you track the signing process from start to finish, you can also set up specific automation tools to help manage your clinic or hospital more efficiently. Set up a signing order for your document. Once an individual has signed, your document will be sent to the next party until all have signed. Then everyone will receive a copy for their records.

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Pelajari bagaimana penyedia layanan kesehatan menggunakan Jotform Enterprise

  • Using Jotform Enterprise makes the patient intake process faster and eliminates human error. By making form fields required and using conditional logic we can efficiently capture all the data we need.

    Kayla S.

    Service Center Manager

    Honor Health Network

  • The HIPAA compliance solutions available through Jotform Enterprise enable us to meet all the security requirements, do more academic research, and publish our work. I’m excited to be able to be a part of comprehensive research and evaluation to improve the whole system in eating disorders and further advances across the continuum of care.

    Jeannine Smith

    PMDip-Dietetics, RD

    Body Brave

  • It’s so refreshing to find an organization that helps us amplify our values and solve problems related to the care and well-being of populations when that support is desperately needed.

    Wil Trohanis

    Chief Revenue Officer

    One to One Health

  • With Jotform Enterprise, we can modernize old ways of doing business. Instead of requiring paper forms, we can quickly morph online form templates into whatever we need by adapting the flow or adding hidden fields, which saves us, our users, and our end-clients a lot of time.

    Darren Lee

    SMS Solutions Architect

    Sterling Administration

Layanan Profesional

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