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Jotform Enterprise for Beginners

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Success stories from the Healthcare Industry

If you need a form for a high school project, one of the big-name forms is probably fine. If you want to use a form for business and get actionable data, Jotform Enterprise makes it simple and easy to adapt.

Bill Coller

Business Development Manager, OrthoIllinois

Everyone on the team can quickly and easily see the status of each student. We can use filters to see who is accepted, who is rejected by whom and why, and whose application is on hold. If the application is on hold, we can see why and trigger the appropriate next steps.

Melanie Dunlop

Career Educator, Odyssey Charter Schools

Our ability to use Jotform Enterprise as a CRM tool has saved us thousands of dollars. Instead of moving a process to our CRM, we built an in-house solution with Jotform, saving us about $10,000 in CRM professional services and $5,000 in CRM licenses.

Simon Morgan

Senior Manager of GIS (Geographic Information System) and Business Applications, Three Rivers Park District

The ease of setting up, duplicating, and translating our forms — including the legal translation of our waiver — was incredible. Bringing 100 people to a planting event and storing all that information in one simple form was magic.

Amy Lester

Project Coordinator, Arbor Day Foundation

In about a month, we created 30 forms for finance, logistics, human resources, sales, project management, and our health and safety environment teams.

Tony Richman

Operational Sales Director, ACS Stainless Steel Fixings

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