Drag-and-drop builder
Creating your PDF with Jotform PDF Editor requires zero technical skill — just drag and drop form elements to build a custom document.
Automated process
Set up your PDF document design, and your submission data will automatically populate this same design every time.
document sizing and orientation
Infinite layouts
Create as many PDFs as you like from your submission data — you won’t run out of layout options.
حجم وتخطيط المستند
You can change the size of your PDF and modify its orientation from landscape to portrait in just a few clicks.
customize your PDF
Complete customization
Easily customize your PDF to match your brand by selecting a background or image, adding a logo, or changing fonts and colors.
1.3K+ templates
Get some design inspiration by choosing a template to work with — then personalize it to meet your exact needs.
اكتشاف القوالب
share pdf document
Seamless sharing
Email your PDF to colleagues and customers or embed it in your website in seconds.
Helpful integrations
Jotform PDF Editor lets you automatically send your documents to cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox.
Autoresponder options
بمجرد ملء وإرسال نموذجك، يمكنك إرسال نسخة منه تلقائيًا إلى مستلمين معينين.
electronic signatures
التوقيعات الإلكترونية
Use one of several signature widgets to collect electronic signatures anytime someone fills out your online form.
Handy annotation
أدخل حقولًا فارغة في مستندات PDF الخاصة بك حتى يتمكن الزملاء والعملاء من ترك ملاحظات أو تعليقات بسهولة.
حماية كلمة المرور
Want to protect your PDF? Set a password to keep it private.
download PDF
أسماء الملفات المخصصة
When you download your PDF document, you can give it a custom name to make it easy to search for and save.
Ready to download & print
Archive your form submission data in a polished PDF that you can save, download, and print in seconds.
Form Animation
Form Animation
Form Animation
Fillable PDF forms
Design fillable forms that send response data right to Jotform Inbox.
تعرف على المزيد حول نماذج PDF القابلة للتعبئة

اكتشف محرر PDF المجاني