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Jotform PDF features you need to know

Learn about Jotform’s exclusive PDF features in our webinar, “Jotform PDF features you need to know.”

Our webinar dives into the Jotform PDF Editor product and highlights Jotform PDF features all users need to know, such as 600+ free PDF templatesfillable PDF forms, e-signature collection, and more.

Jotform PDF features you need to know

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Hey, everyone. Welcome to our webinar, “Jotform PDF features you need to know.” My name is Annabel, and I work on the marketing team here at Jotform, and I’m really excited to be here with you all today. So as many of you know, Jotform actually launched a PDF Editor tool last year. And there are a ton of really cool exclusive features that are available in PDF Editor. But a lot of users don’t really know about them.

We thought it would be great to have a webinar going over the PDF Editor and doing a demo and then jumping into some really great features that would really benefit our users. Without further ado, let’s get started. Just to reiterate what I just mentioned, in today’s webinar, we’re gonna do a brief overview of PDF Editor, go through a demo, and then focus on 7 Jotform PDF features you need to know. We’ll do a brief Q&A session, and then we’ll conclude.


All right. So let’s head into Jotform PDF Editor. So, Jotform PDF Editor is a free, super easy-to-use tool that automatically turns collected data into professional looking PDF documents. So it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But I will show you right now how it works and how you can implement it into your team’s workflow. Now, we are in Jotform’s My Forms page.

I’m sure this looks very familiar to most of you. So from here, you can access Jotform PDF Editor. I’m going to come down to a form that I already created for simplicity reasons, and I’m going to hover over it with my mouse. So, from here, I’m going to click on the dropdown arrow and then I’m going to scroll to the very bottom of this. And here I’m going to click Create PDF Document. 


Perfect. So now we are officially in Jotform PDF Editor. As you can see, this resembles Jotform’s My Forms dashboard with the element tab on the left hand side, and we also have the customization tab on the right hand side. So I was going to go through and show you in a high level way kind of how it works. So, basically, when somebody fills out my form, it’s super simple. They will have submitted their name, email, phone number, and then which level they’re at for the piano.

So all of this information from the submission has automatically been funneled in this exact way and this PDF document. So from here, I could download this PDF and you can see there’s a button here on the top bar. I could share it, or I could print it. But if I wanted to go a step further, I could actually add more elements to the PDF. Let’s say, like a line maybe under this and stylize it further.


I could also add some empty space if I wanted to create a little space between the image and the text. I could add any of these items that you see here on this left-hand side. So it’s really great if there maybe was something that you missed. Maybe I was like, “Oh, I actually wanted to add a signature from the parent,” I could just drag and drop that, and then include that in the PDF document as well.

And then if we go to the right-hand side here with the customizable area, we can choose between the page background color. So if I wanted to change it up a little bit, I could do that there. We can also include a background image. We can adjust the page settings to be a certain size. We could do the page orientation. We have fonts, font size, text color, text alignment, all kinds of different options on this side.


So we also have some advanced features that we will talk about later on. So it’s really great, and you can play around with this and then make the PDF document just how you like it. And then it’s really cool too, because you can scroll through the different submissions here at the top bar. There’s an arrow where you can click through each one and any change that you make to one of the PDF documents will apply to all of them.

You don’t have to worry about going through 50 submissions and doing the same thing to each one. So yeah, there you have it, super high level. But just want to kind of give you a quick overview if you had not ever tried this out before. Now, going to jump back over to the presentations. We can go through these really awesome PDF features that you need to know.

7 PDF Features


OK, great. So then we just had the demo, which is good. And so now we’re gonna go into 7 Jotform PDF features that you need to know. So the first one is automatically create PDFs. So I mentioned that briefly a moment ago. We’re talking about how the form information goes into the PDF document. But this is actually something that people don’t fully realize how much time you actually save with it.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but so many times I’ve tried to create a PDF document from Google Suite or from a Word document or what have you, and it’s just frustrating. It’s like, OK, now I have to figure out how to do this and it’s just like an extra technical burden. But the cool thing about Jotform PDF Editor is that it takes all of this information that you receive in your form automatically, instantly turns it into the PDF document.


So that document that I showed you, I had not done anything to that before I showed it to you; that was all automatic. So it’s really great because you don’t have to worry about anything. Like once the information is submitted, all you have to do is just download or share, and you’re done. So I really like that part of it. It may sound a little simple, but it’s something that people really benefit from and don’t realize how much time they actually save with it.


And then next we have 600+ PDF templates to choose from. So PDF templates are a really awesome feature because we don’t have much time in the day. Everybody’s busy, but we still need to get things done. And creating a PDF template is not something that most people want to spend time on. These templates are really great because they’re available in a variety of different industries — anything from HR to real estate to health care to general business. We have a variety of different templates available for industries, and besides that we also have very specific template types too, such as contracts or performance reviews or lease agreements and more.

And these come in handy too. If you’re new to something, if you were maybe a new landlord or a new real estate agent and you’re trying to figure out how to even put together a lease agreement, you could come to these templates and browse them and just see what other people were doing. You have the ability to use the template yourself, and you also have the ability to customize it to use. Maybe you like the format of it, but the information isn’t exactly like what you want to include in yours.

You can easily start using the template and then edit that information through the PDF Editor like I showed you in the demo, so it’s really great. It’s super flexible in layout and design, and it saves a ton of time for teams.


Next, we have collecting e-signatures. So e-signatures are a super important part in cutting paper usage, saving money and time. And according to Finances Online, U.S. businesses waste $8 billion per year on handling paper docs. So just imagine how much money your organization can save if you’re currently collecting signatures through paper versus through online 

Finances Online also reported that 65 percent of companies say that collecting physical signatures adds an extra day to their work processes. So again, if you took your signatures online, you could save a day and use that for something else. So the great thing about the e-signatures is that you can include them on your PDF super easily. You can drag and drop a box like I showed you in the Add Element section, and then you’re good to go. So again, it’s another really easy time saver that, you know, will really benefit your company in terms of getting more time back in your day and getting more money in your pocket.


Next, we have add a password to your PDFs. So we’re in a time where our personal information is everywhere. It feels like it’s hard to trust who is protecting it. And it’s hard to know who’s not. So this feature is really great because it allows you to enable password protection on any of these PDF documents that you create with submitted form data. And this comes in handy especially for general use or if you’re handling sensitive financial, banking, really any personal information, that sort of thing.

And it makes your clients and customers feel like you have their back and that you’re taking things seriously and not compromising their data in any way. So it’s another great feature, and it’s also super easy to implement. All you have to do is just check a box and follow the instructions. So again, another really great feature for people to try out. 


Next, we have fillable PDFs. So fillable PDFs are just kind of like another option for teams to use if you don’t want to use a traditional PDF document. They’re environmentally friendly, they’re fast, easy, and convenient. They streamline workflows, and they increase efficiency for teams, too. So you can easily convert an online form to a fillable PDF. And this will provide even more ways to collect information you need since they can be embedded on websites and attached to emails. They also are interactive. Some people even prefer them to filling out regular online forms.

So just another option for teams to take advantage of.


Awesome. So next, we have send PDF submissions to respondents. So this is a really great feature because it allows businesses to send a copy of the info to anybody who has filled out their form. So once a respondent submits the form, they’re able to download the PDF and keep one for their records. And this allows both parties to keep a record. So if there are any there are any issues or anything, people can just kind of go back to that record and review it.

This really comes in handy for teammates filling out incident report forms, because maybe they want a copy of that incident report for their records. They can refer back to it if they need it in the future. This might even be used for registrations, for events or for even summer camps or anything like that, where there’s specific information that’s been submitted, like maybe the dietary restriction. And your organization wants a hard copy of that to know if somebody is allergic to peanuts or they can’t eat shellfish or something like that.

So just kind of like a really easy way to make sure everybody has all of the copies they need to move forward with everything. Perfect. 


And last, we have easily shared a PDF with anybody. This is also another really awesome feature because sharing different types of documents is sometimes a technical burden. It’s just something that people don’t want to deal with. And so we make it really easy for teams to share their documents with people.

You can easily copy the link, and you can share it. Be it text, different messaging apps, like WhatsApp. You can send it in an email. There’s also a specific email button that’s next to the copy link. So you can press that, and then you can actually type in whoever’s email it is you want to send it to. So this makes it really easy for colleagues, partners, and customers, it makes it really, really simple and it, again, increases efficiency and makes life easier for your team all around.

Q&A Session


Perfect. So those were seven of our favorite top Jotform PDF features. We do have quite a few more that I will explain how to learn about later on. Right now, we’re going to jump into a quick Q&A session and we’ll be taking questions now. So we have a question here from Alex. He asks, “Which pricing plans include Jotform PDF Editor?” That’s a really great question, Alex. Actually, all of our plans include Jotform PDF Editor, even the free plan.

So if you’re not familiar with Jotform’s pricing, our plans range from free to Gold. So we have different levels in between those two. And even if you are on the free plan, you still have access to Jotform PDF Editor. So I would suggest everybody try it out even if you’re in that free plan to see if it’ll work for your team. OK. Looks like we have another question here from Sammy: “Can I use PDF forms offline?”


That’s a really great question, Sammy. Yes, you can but in order to send a submission, you must be online. So just keep that in mind as you create and send your PDF forms. OK, we have another question here from Victoria: “Is there a way to change the PDF document and add a company logo?” Yes. So I did kind of briefly go over this in the demo, but you can absolutely customize your PDF document in any way that you like.

So this can be with document orientation, colors, fonts, adding a logo, kind of anything that you’d like to do with it. So just go in there, and you’re going to mess around with different customization options. And if there’s something very specific that you’re looking to do, just reach out to our support team and they’ll be able to help you either figure out the solution or get a workaround for it.


OK. We have time for about one more question. Let’s see. This one’s from Jordan, asking, “Where can I find all of the info that we talked about?” That’s a great question, Jordan. So simply go to https://www.jotform.com/products/pdf-editor/ , and that will basically take you to this awesome landing site that will go over the features and there’s some demos on there.

And it’s kind of like an all-inclusive Jotform PDF Editor space where you can learn from. Also I’ll show you that link on the next page, too. So you can take that down and it will be included in the thank-you follow-up email. OK, so that’s a wrap everyone. Thank you so much for joining today. Again, if you want to learn more about Jotform PDF Editor, just visit this link, and we’ll also be sending that out in the thank-you follow-up email.

All right. Have a good one. Bye.

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