Формови полета

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Collect better data with Jotform's advanced form fields. Discover how you can take your forms to the next level with form fields that get you the exact type of information you need.

Quantity Limits

Set limits on your products & services by using the Quantity Limits feature.

Формови полета

Предварително Попълване на Форми

Make it easier for customers, clients, or coworkers to fill out your forms by using pre-populated forms. Pre-populate form fields from previous submissions, other forms, Excel files, and more!

Разширени опции за форми

Многоредови Въпроси

Ask your related questions at a time through Jotform’s card layout, make your form look more compact. Check out how you can apply the Multi-line Questions on your form!

Формови полета

Таблица за въвеждане

Collect multiple types of data in a single form field. Add an advanced input table to your online forms and surveys without any coding.

Формови полета

Скриване на Формови Полета

No one likes filling out an unnecessarily long form — so tidy up your forms by showing or hiding form fields automatically with Jotform’s advanced conditional logic. Set up in minutes with no coding.

Формови полета


Automatically perform both simple and advanced calculations on your form using conditional logic or our Form Calculation widget.

Формови полета

Проверка на Имейл

Make sure you received the right contact information through your form. Send automatic confirmation emails to users as soon as they fill out your form.

Формов Конструктор

Електронен подпис

Get legally binding signatures from any device with Jotform. Create free electronic signature forms for contracts, agreements, waivers, and more. Customize with no coding. Embed in your website and convert submissions to PDF documents automatically.

Формови полета

Качване на файл

Collect files of any type or size directly through your online form with Jotform’s built-in file upload field and file storage integrations.

Формови полета

Валидиране на Полета

Use the form validation feature for making sure about each field contains the correct value.

Формови полета

Autofill Form Fields

Boost the form filling process with Jotform’s free advanced auto-filling options

Формови полета

Input Masking

Use input masking to auto-format submission data.

Формови полета

Field Types

Jotform has pretty much any type of Form Fields you might need. Take a look at the complete list.

Формови полета