Si edito el formulario, ¿se pierde las entradas?

  • vecce
    Fecha de consulta 18 de febrero de 2016, 4:38
    si edito el formulario, hay problema con la bandeja de entrada... ¿se pierde las entradas?
  • BJoanna
    Fecha de respuesta 18 de febrero de 2016, 4:54

    If I understood you correctly you are asking if the form is edited, will submissions be lost. 

    Submission will not be lost if you edit title of your form, form label or add new fields to your form.

    You will only lose submitted data for fields that are deleted from the form. For example if you delete one field from your form, only data for that field will be deleted, not the whole submission. 

    If I did not understood your question correctly, please explain in more details your concern.

    Let us know if you need further assistance.