Moduli di Contatto

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I moduli di contatto sono il modo migliore per permettere ai visitatori del tuo sito di presentarsi. Inizia con un modulo di contatto per il tuo sito web utilizzando uno dei tanti template di Jotform.

Dai un'occhiata ai diversi template disponibili, trova quello che ti piace di più, e incorporalo sul tuo sito in pochi minuti! Grazie ai campi standard come nome o indirizzo email, o quelli più avanzati come i menù a tendina, le caselle di spunta, i campi di caricamento file, e i CAPTCHA, sarai in grado di personalizzare il tuo modulo di contatto e incorporarlo a qualsiasi pagina del tuo sito con tutta facilità, semplicemente copiando e incollando il codice embed del tuo modulo. Scegli uno dei nostri tanti template di moduli contatto oppure creane uno da zero. Potrai anche integrare il tuo modulo in WordPress, Squarespace o altri CMS e generatori di siti!

Prova oggi uno dei nostri template gratuiti di moduli di contatto online!

Contact Form Italian

Italian contact form. Simplistic design. Want them to leave you a note? Let them write it in a box. Form can be used for company feedback from customers.

Moduli di Contatto

Contact Form Template In Italian

Contact form provides you with the submitters' name, phone number, email and reason of contact.

Moduli di Contatto

Formulario Video Dynamic

Form used in the video industry, requesting information about you and the video you made.

Moduli di Contatto

Modulo Di Contatto Busta Lettera Fantasia

Un modulo di contatto molto carino che richiama il tema della busta da lettera. Il template contiene campi affiancati che sono anche mobile responsive. Questo template è perfetto per un tuo sito web elegante.

Moduli di Contatto

Modulo Di Contatto Con Google Map

Hai bisogno di un semplice modulo di contatto? Questo modulo di contatto contiene anche una mappa che indica la posizione della tua azienda sulla mappa. È un modulo veloce e facile da usare che include nome, e-mail, campo per lasciare un messaggio.

Moduli di Contatto

Formulario Video Album Collection

Form used in the video industry, requesting information about you and the video you made.

Moduli di Contatto

Contact Form In Italian

Contact form gathering customer's contact details and generating leads.

Moduli Lead Generation

Contact Form 19

Here's an easy way to create an Italian Contact Form.

Moduli di Contatto

Cos'è un modulo di contatto?

A contact form is an online form designed to provide your website visitors with a way to contact your team directly. Contact forms are an essential part of any website or application, as they offer a quick and easy way for your customers to reach you without overwhelming your customer support lines.

These forms are typically short, capturing only the most essential information. They give your users an opportunity to ask general questions, inquire about orders, or address any other related issues they may have.

Once a user has provided their basic information and a brief summary of the issue they’d like to discuss, your team can reach out at their convenience and learn more about the user’s needs.

What should be in a contact form?

Contact forms should be simple, with minimal form fields to fill out. Shorter forms ask for less information, so they’re less daunting to users who may be wary of sharing a lot of personal data. However, it’s important to ask for the information that your organization needs in order to respond.

Here are the most essential fields for your contact form:

  • First and last name
  • Indirizzo Email
  • Comments or questions

If you choose to include a phone number field, make sure you make it optional. Users are often wary of the potential for spam calls or text messages, so requiring a phone number may discourage them from submitting the form.

Come faccio a creare un modulo di contatto?

You can create a contact form from scratch (or from a template) using an online form builder like Jotform. To build a contact form with Jotform from scratch, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Form Builder.
  2. If you’d like, add your organization logo and organization name at the top, then click Save.
  3. Enter a title for your form, like “Contact Us.”
  4. Select the Add Form Elements (+) button on the left side of the screen to view your form field options.
  5. Drag and drop your form fields into place from the Basic, Payments, and Widgets menus.
  6. Customize the design of your form with the Form Designer button on the right side of the builder.
  7. After your contact form is complete, click the Publish tab at the top of the Form Builder to share it with others through a link, or QR code.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to build a custom contact form, you can use one of Jotform’s 400-plus contact form templates to get started quickly. All templates are fully customizable.

Why do you need a contact form?

Contact forms are essential for any organization or business. They’re one of the key ways for users to reach out to your business with questions. These forms also give your team more control over how and when they respond to user questions, rather than having to immediately address incoming requests.

Contact forms protect your work email from spam and allow you to filter messages. They also allow you to collect leads more efficiently, as contact forms funnel responses directly from your site to your data storage or customer relationship management (CRM) system. Solutions like Jotform Tables log and organize these responses so you can access and manage them later.

How can I embed my contact form in a webpage?

You can embed contact forms through a simple embed link or through integrations with website-building platforms like WordPress.

With Jotform, you have a variety of embed options. In the Publish tab of the Form Builder, you can copy and paste an embed link from the Quick Share section, or select Embed to choose from several other embedding options:

  • Codice Sorgente
  • Iframe
  • Feedback button
  • Popup
  • Lightbox

These options help you share your contact form in the way that best suits your needs. They also give you the opportunity to share your contact form in multiple locations on your site to increase the chances users will be able to find it easily.

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