Real Estate Feedback Forms

Looking for a way to improve your real estate business? Here is a simple yet highly effective solution: Feedbacks! Gather valuable insights to improve your customer experience with online forms. Online feedback forms provide you with the capability to easily reach your customers through several channels such as their email addresses, through your website, via QR code or by a direct link. You can increase the number of responses you receive and store this data in a more organized structure. Get meaningful insights using Jotform’s advanced data storing and management capabilities.

Simply choose one of the Real Estate Feedback Form Templates that best matches your purpose of collecting feedback. Then customize the template with not a single line of code required. Drag and drop questions, add rating scales, ask what to improve. Customize the design fully to match your own branding, add images, videos and more. Integrate with 100+ apps including Airtable, Slack,, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more submissions will automatically appear exactly where you need them.