Hide form fields

No one likes filling out an unnecessarily long form — so tidy up your forms by showing or hiding form fields automatically with Jotform’s advanced conditional logic. Set up in minutes with no coding.

Hide form fields using conditional logic. You can reveal hidden fields based on user answers or in the edit URL, and even hide multiple fields at once.

Hidden fields

Give your form users a personalized form-filling experience. Shorten your forms by using conditional logic to show hidden fields only when they’re relevant.

Show or hide form fields

Hide or reveal form fields based on a user’s previous answers. By setting up custom conditions, you can personalize your form for each and every user.

Reveal form fields in the Edit URL

Reveal fields that are hidden on your form in the edit link.

Show or hide multiple fields at once

Make form fields visible only when necessary. Select multiple form fields to be revealed or hidden based on a user’s answers.

How to show/hide multiple fields in Jotform?

Learn how to automatically personalize the form design for every person filling out your form, based on their previous answers.

How to show/hide multiple fields in Jotform?