Form Field Calculations

Automatically perform both simple and advanced calculations on your form using conditional logic or our Form Calculation widget.

Calculate totals for orders, invoices, and more. Assign calculation values to form fields to perform basic calculations or advanced mathematical operations based on user answers.

Perform calculations

Whether you’re performing basic mathematical operations or complex calculations, instantly get the answers you need with Jotform.

Basic calculations

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide automatically with conditional logic or our Form Calculation widget.

Advanced mathematical operations

Perform advanced mathematical operations like calculating absolute value, sine, cosine, square root, and more with our Form Calculation widget.

Advanced functionality

Automatically pass a form’s values to your form’s payment total field — no manual data entry required!

Form Calculation Widget Tutorial

In this Jotform tutorial you'll learn how to perform form calculation based on the option selected by the user from your form using a widget in a few seconds!

Form Calculation Widget Tutorial