Reveal Critical Insights with Form Analytics

Make the most of your form data with form analytics. Use Jotform’s built-in tool or connect with third-party apps like Google Analytics. Gain a better understanding of your survey, questionnaire, and form responses.

Analyze your traffic and reveal critical insights with Jotform’s form analytics. Get device, platform, browser, and location details; create reports; and connect your forms to Google Analytics and other third-party widgets.

What is Form Analytics?

Jotform has a built-in Form Analytics feature that reveals conversion rates, location data, submission statistics, and more.

Analyze your traffic

View form traffic and activity at a glance using our Form Analytics dashboard. Get a better understanding of where form users are located, when they visited and filled out your form, and what device they used.

Reveal critical insights

Explore important statistics like views, responses, conversion rates, and average form-filling time. By understanding how users interact with your forms, you can make changes to boost submission rates.

Get device details

Find out how form users are responding to your forms. See their screen sizes, smartphone type, and whether they’re responding from a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Get platform details

See which browser — such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox — people are using to fill out your forms. You can also view their operating system.

Get location details

Explore a map that shows where your form users are located. See which countries your customers or clients come from to better market your business.

Create visual reports with Jotform Report Builder

Turn form submission data into visual reports with Jotform Report Builder. View your form data as a pie chart, table, or other type of report — then share it with a link or as a PDF, or embed it in your site.

Use Google Analytics

Connect your forms to Google Analytics and track your form activity through Google’s software. It’s easy to set up with our free Google Analytics widget!

Use third-party widgets

Jotform offers other free widgets for third-party analytics platforms like Zuko, MouseStats, and more.

Capture users’ browser information

Discover which browser your form users are viewing your form through — and capture other browser information to better understand your audience.

Form Analytics Tutorial

Want to quickly find out how many people are coming to your forms but not filling them out? Or how about which devices or browsers they’re using? Or maybe you’re curious where in the world they are. You can view all this and more with our new Form Analytics tool.

Form Analytics Tutorial