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Contact with Envelopes

Contact motif enveloppes

This simple theme gets the job done when you need to collect contact information. With only two small yellow and lime green envelopes in the upper right-hand corner, your users will be free of over-the-top distractions so they can submit their details!

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Car Speed

Car Speed

Use this Car Speed theme to appeal to all the car aficionados out there. With a speedy vehicle in the background, simple text boxes, and a sleek, minimal style, this theme is great for car maintenance services, salespeople, and more.

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Cool and Minimal

Cool et minimal

This Cool and Minimal theme is exactly that! With a soothing steely-seafoam background color and white font this theme is perfect for registrations, payments, surveys, and more! Keep it cool with this theme.

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Blissful Beach

Plage paradisiaque

Use this Blissful Beach theme to deliver a tranquil form-filling experience to your users. With a user-friendly interface and the peaceful ocean in the background, this theme is perfect for online purchases, registrations, surveys, and more.

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Dark Stripes

Dark Stripes

The Dark Stripes theme is sure to catch your user’s eye. With a bright striped banner against a dark background, this theme is moody and luminous at the same time, and it works for any business or form that wants an edgier vibe.

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Get information from your visitors with this postcard-style form.

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Bleak Desert

Désert au coucher du soleil

Try out this Bleak Desert theme to add some adventure to your next form! With a brightly lit, expansive desert as a backdrop, you can create a serene but exhilarating experience for your users. Perfect for vacation forms, surveys, and more.

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Horizontal Flat

Bandeau horizontal

Mobile responsive horizontal themed form for newsletters, signup or mailing list. This theme will work perfectly on forms with 2 basic fields e.g. name and email.

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Bright and Cheerful

Lumineux et joyeux

This Bright and Cheerful theme delivers on its title! The backdrop shows a bright blue sky, sunshine, and children flying kites, and — when paired with the neat interface — this theme will put all your users in a good mood.

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Fitness Signup

Fitness Signup

New members welcome! With this static fitness bikers background theme you can be sure they will be motivated to join the team in no time! Contact:

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This Foggy Form theme is great for planning your next gloomy day activity or class sign ups, Enjoy a fancy header, minimal input, and flat green buttons. It's a little bit unclear white just like foggy days.

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This is based on bootstrap v3 UI - Blue theme. All field types are customized including buttons, collapse, and matrix table.

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Juicy textbox, pretty dropdown, custom radio and checkbox, clean buttons with icons as well as the form collapse and sweet matrix values. It's pretty much all are customized.

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Dark Tech

Tech mode sombre

Enjoy this Dark Tech themed form with bright, beautiful green header and fancy inputs that will be sure to catch any users’ attention. Great for contact forms, short forms, or mobile forms of any occasion.

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Our jewelry form theme brings the bling to your forms! With a bright green background covered in graphic diamonds and sparkles, this theme is perfect for custom jewelry orders, registration forms, or jewelry sale events.

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Crossed Stripes

Rayures croisées

The Crossed Stripes theme contains light, transparent crossed stripes that may remind users of their time in math class (mostly kidding). This generic theme can be used for any of your form needs, whether it be surveys, evaluations, and more.

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FormCentral Theme

Thème FormCentral

This theme was designed specifically to support FormCentral with all of its form needs. With a simple, sleek look and gray background, this theme can be used for surveys, registrations, contact forms, and more.

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Money Background

Fond billets de banque

Simple, white form over a stack of one hundred dollars bills background.

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Simple and Clean

Simple and Clean

If you want to build a form that is free of distractions, this is the theme for you. With a clean, white background, you can create multi-page forms that make it easy for your users to go from start to finish quickly.

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Ask a Question

Poser une Question

Use this Ask a Question form theme for all of your survey or FAQ needs. Use this theme’s simple, yet professional appearance for your own form. If clean and light is your ideal form vibe, try this theme today!

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Blue High Five

High Five bleu

Minimalist theme with white and sky blue colors.

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Wedding Gifting

Wedding Gifting

A Wedding Gifts Registry form in pastel colors ready for your guests. White rose bouquet being held by bride and groom in the background.

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Gradient Glass

Gradient Glass

Beautiful, clean, short. Perfect for mobile. Try to fill the form and magic begins. Gradient background from blue to pink.

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