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Green Blue Box Layout

Bleu avec bouton vert

This minimal Green Blue Box theme is perfect for any type of form. With its simple yet versatile styling, you can use this theme for newsletters, contact forms, applications, and more!

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Bluish Sea

Bluish Sea

Whisk your users away to the coast using this Bluish Sea theme. With transparent form fields set against a spectacular ocean backdrop, this theme is perfect for vacation forms, travel bookings, surveys, and much more!

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Crossed Stripes

Rayures croisées

The Crossed Stripes theme contains light, transparent crossed stripes that may remind users of their time in math class (mostly kidding). This generic theme can be used for any of your form needs, whether it be surveys, evaluations, and more.

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Fitness Signup

Fitness Signup

New members welcome! With this static fitness bikers background theme you can be sure they will be motivated to join the team in no time! Contact:

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Music Form Theme

Music Form Theme

Planning a music-related event? This Music theme — with a man playing a banjo as a background — is ideal to gather attendee registration or audition information and get them excited to jam with you!

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Simple and Clean

Simple and Clean

If you want to build a form that is free of distractions, this is the theme for you. With a clean, white background, you can create multi-page forms that make it easy for your users to go from start to finish quickly.

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Ask a Question

Poser une Question

Use this Ask a Question form theme for all of your survey or FAQ needs. Use this theme’s simple, yet professional appearance for your own form. If clean and light is your ideal form vibe, try this theme today!

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Blue High Five

High Five bleu

Minimalist theme with white and sky blue colors.

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Want to add a little extra motivation to your fitness forms? We have just the thing! Featuring a woman running across a scenic background, our Fitness theme is perfect for sports signups, running club event registrations, and more.

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Sunset Hair

Cheveux au coucher du soleil

Fully mobile responsive theme designed for any types of form. It's plain, minimal and simple.

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Beautiful Night

Magnifique nuit

Channel a clear, quiet night sky full of stars with this Beautiful Night theme. Enjoy a script font and a semi-transparent background to add some tranquility to your forms — and feel free to customize to your exact needs with no coding required!

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Evoking the peacefulness of springtime, this Grass theme will be sure to relax your form fillers with its pastel green and cream background. Perfect for forms of any occasion.

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Christmas Buddy

Noël Ho ho ho

Ho ho ho! Have a happy holiday with this ready-made Christmas Buddy theme. Enjoy a cute and festival background with basic form fields for your holiday needs. Make your audience feel welcome with Santa and his trusty reindeer.

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Blue Ocean

Bleu océan

ocean blue background theme

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White Blossoms

White Blossoms

Simple white centered form theme with trees blooming and faded white flowers background.

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This is based on bootstrap v3 UI - Blue theme. All field types are customized including buttons, collapse, and matrix table.

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Vintage Star

Étoile vintage

Traditional vintage look with a unique submit button, a very best color combination

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Peaceful Forrest

Peaceful Forrest

Green Peaceful Forrest background theme, perfect to get the attention of the people you want to be part of that outdoors experience you are planning.

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The form design is similar to a chat box. You can use this form mainly for contacts, comments, messaging or any types of form you may have. The design is plain and simple but has fancy background and relaxing colors.

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Sometimes you need to keep your forms buttoned up to maintain a professional image. This Business theme is perfect to close deals, register clients, perform outreach, conduct surveys, and more! You can easily add in your company logo, too.

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Good, Bad and The Ugly

Le Bon, la Brute et le Truand

Give some impression with a great Clint Eastwood style

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Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker

Simple form theme with flat button and fancy header background color.

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Awesome Icons

Magnifiques icônes

Include fun icons for each of your form’s fields with this easy to set up Awesome Icons theme! Use this theme’s simple red banner, or adjust the colors to fit your needs. Perfect for adding a touch of personality to any form.

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This is an old theme from Jotform Builder version 2.

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