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Wild Forest

Forêt Sauvage

It's semi-transparent, dark with a high quality image forest background.

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Frosty Blue

Bleu Glacier

Organizing a national park or hiking getaway? Try this Frosty Blue theme! With its frosty, dark blue high-quality image background and a blend of transparency levels, a refreshing chill will come over your form users.

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Bleak Desert

Désert au coucher du soleil

Try out this Bleak Desert theme to add some adventure to your next form! With a brightly lit, expansive desert as a backdrop, you can create a serene but exhilarating experience for your users. Perfect for vacation forms, surveys, and more.

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City View

City View

It's the heart of the perfect city, a high quality image background.

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Amber Fall

Automne ambre

Embrace the cozy fall vibes and try out this Amber Fall theme to add some brightness and festivity to your next form. With a stunning fall photo as a background image, you can create an inviting atmosphere for your audience.

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Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Beautiful girl holding flowers is what you need this valentines day. Happy Valentines!

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Lets Go

Lets Go

Fun of going somewhere, travellin' and chillin' around? Get a theme that fits your lifestyle. This is a travel theme for your travel needs! :)

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Event Signup

Event Signup

Add a map widget or an image as the first element of this form, then set its height for best results. Golden Gate background at sunset.

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Company Retreat Registration

Company Retreat Registration

it's time for some team bonding! Collect contact information and topic suggestions from employees. View from the sky of the lanscape.

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Oriental Tranquility

Tranquilité asiatique

Watch your worries melt away as you gaze at this stunning contact form. If your client has something negative to say in your contact form, maybe this tranquil scene will take the edge off ;)

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Peaceful Forrest

Peaceful Forrest

Green Peaceful Forrest background theme, perfect to get the attention of the people you want to be part of that outdoors experience you are planning.

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Nature calls you via online forms! From forest to city and desert, nature background form themes appeal to your users' free soul.