Build with Jotform's API & Webhooks

Power your applications with Jotform’s API. Create integrations and gain access to form data, user statistics, and more.

Access Jotform’s API with a unique Jotform API key that you can authenticate with query parameters, HTTP headers, or Jotform’s JavaScript SDK. Connect Jotform to your app and send submission notifications using Jotform webhooks.

What is the Jotform API?

Our API allows developers to easily build their apps using Jotform data such as views, survey results, uploaded files, pre-populated fields, and much more. To request access to the Jotform API, you need a Jotform API key.

Create a Jotform API Key

Get your own Jotform API key from your account settings. Jotform offers multiple authentication methods you can use with your API key.

Authenticate with Query Parameters

Send your API key as a query parameter directly in the URL.

Authenticate with HTTP Headers

Send your API key as a header in your request.

Authenticate with JavaScript SDK

Send your API key using Jotform’s own JavaScript SDK with easy-to-use functions.

What are Jotform webhooks?

Webhooks connect apps by sending HTTP post notifications based on specific triggers. Jotform webhooks allow you to instantly send form submission notifications to a specific URL outside of Jotform.

Send instant submission notifications

Use our webhooks integration or Jotform API to instantly send form submission notifications to a third-party app.