Enable & Disable Forms

Choose when to accept submissions. Automatically enable or disable your form when it hits a chosen expiration date or submission limit.

Prevent Unwanted Submissions

Now that you’re done using your online form, how can you stop people from filling it out? Jotform lets you disable forms automatically based on a date or submission limit. And it’s easy to reactivate your form after it’s been disabled.

Set your form’s live/expiration date or time

In your form settings, simply toggle the encryption option to “Yes.” That’s it! You’ll then be asked to provide a private key to open encrypted submissions.

Set a submission limit

Disable your form after it reaches a certain number of submissions.

Hide fields with conditional logic

Enable or disable questions, or the Submit button, based on how a user responds to your form.

Enable a form after disabling it

Reactivate a form you’ve previously disabled.

Jotform Enable-Disable a Form Tutorial

Stop unwanted form spam by setting a submission limit, choosing an expiration date or time, and hiding form fields using conditional logic.

Jotform Enable-Disable a Form Tutorial