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BeastMetals creates workout equipment

BeastMetals creates workout equipment for serious athletes. Like, SERIOUS athletes. Like, strongest-people-in-the-world type of athletes. And the company creates and ships it out from their shop in Sacramento, California.

They also happen to use a Jotform form to sell their equipment to eager buyers from all over the world. Read below to learn how this small business implemented a custom order form from Jotform and increased sales by 50 percent.

The Problem:

Alex, owner of BeastMetals, had a problem… the good kind. The company’s customized weight equipment was getting popular fast, and Alex had no way to keep up with the surging demand from customers.

Customers would contact Alex through BeastMetals’ social media channels wanting to purchase equipment, but he didn’t have an easy process in place to collect and process orders. People would find his company Instagram account and direct message him. There was lots of back and forth. Too much time was wasted, and potential sales were lost since some people didn’t feel comfortable sending Alex money directly.

Alex needed an easy way to turn his website into an online store where orders could be funneled through the same system. He needed something that could make buying equipment easier while giving BeastMetals much-needed organization.

BeastMetals Company Logo BeastMetals Office Photo

The Fix:

It wasn’t very hard for Alex to create a Jotform order form. Embedding the form directly onto the BeastMetals website took even less effort. And in less time than it takes to finish a chest workout, his website was ready to take any order that came his way. Jotform immediately transformed his site into a powerful e-commerce store with complex customization options.


The Outcome:

Jotform has helped BeastMetals increase sales by roughly 50 percent. Gone are the days of lost sales due to a convoluted selling process, they just need to select the item they want from the form on the BeastMetals website.

And since Jotform forms are responsive by default, anyone can go to the BeastMetals website from their phone and place an order -- which comes in handy when someone sees a piece of equipment they like at their local gym and wants one for themselves. Read more about BeastMetals on the Jotform Blog.


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