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JotForm HIPAA Compliant Forms

The easy and secure way to collect sensitive patient information.

JotForm provides HIPAA compliant forms and a business associate agreement (BAA) so your organization can collect health information safely and securely.

HIPAA compliance is as low as $39/month


Create HIPAA-Secure Healthcare Forms in 3 Easy Steps

Create a HIPAA Account

1. Create a HIPAA Account

Create a new HIPAA-compliant forms account or add HIPAA compliance to your existing account. It is only available with a Silver or Gold plan.

Create Secure Forms

2. Create Secure Forms

Create the forms you need. All your form data will be encrypted automatically to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Start Collecting Data

3. Start Collecting Data

Now you’re ready to securely collect healthcare information by using your HIPAA compliant JotForm forms.

  • Accepting signed notice of privacy
  • Patient consent forms
  • Create a HIPAA AccountCare authorization forms
  • Patient registration forms
  • Collecting patient payments
  • New appointment inquiries
  • Managing prescription refill requests
  • Obtaining detailed medical history

Questions & Answers

  • What happens to my existing form data?
    When you add HIPAA to your account, your existing data will be automatically migrated to dedicated HIPAA-compliant servers. Your data will be securely stored in our isolated HIPAA compliant system.
  • What is needed to enable HIPAA?
    Our HIPAA compliance feature is available only with a Silver or Gold plan.
  • Are uploaded files also protected when I enable HIPAA?
    All data is stored according to HIPAA standards.
  • If I upgrade to HIPAA, will I need to recreate my forms?
    You will not need to make any changes to your existing forms. Your forms and form submission data are moved to our HIPAA servers automatically.
  • Are there any restrictions to enable HIPAA?
    There are no restrictions to enable HIPAA on your account if you have Silver or Gold plan. If you prefer to have a signed BAA, please contact JotForm.
  • What is the cost of a HIPAA Account?
    HIPAA compliance is only available with our Silver or Gold plan. HIPAA is included in this cost and there is no additional fee.
  • Will I be able to create new HIPAA Compliant Forms?
    Once you enable HIPAA Compliance in your account you'll be able to use JotForm's HIPAA Compliant Form Builder to create new HIPAA forms.
  • What is different about a HIPAA Form?
    HIPAA forms look just like any other online form. You can still embed them into your web pages or send their URLs by email. Their main difference is how they store and transfer data. JotForm's HIPAA Forms, encrypt the data right on your form and then transfer and store the data encrypted. The HIPAA form data is stored in our HIPAA compliant servers which are separated from the Internet using multiple levels of protection and firewalls, and the encrypted data is stored in encrypted databases.
  • How can I receive JotForm’s BAA (Business Associate Agreement)?
    Once you enable HIPAA compliance on your account, JotForm will email a signed BAA.