Форми за Информирано Съгласие

Informed consent forms are used by health and telehealth organizations to inform patients of the risks associated with a particular medical treatment and have them provide a signature to give their informed consent. To make the switch to telemedicine and collect e-signatures and informed consent online, choose a free Informed Consent Form template from the options below, customize it to include terms and conditions relevant to your practice, and share it with your patients to collect signed consent forms from any device. All submissions are stored securely in your Jotform account, easy to view online or convert to printable PDFs.

No matter what field you’re in, our Informed Consent Forms can be customized to match your organization. Use our drag-and-drop Form Builder to add your logo, change fonts and colors, include helpful widgets, or connect with 100+ integrations. Be sure to upgrade for HIPAA-friendly features to keep sensitive health information protected. Seamlessly collect consent forms and e-signatures with our free online Informed Consent Forms!

Тези шаблони са само предложени форми. Преди да използвате тази или която и да е форма, като договор или друг правен документ, моля консултирайте се с адвокат, за да се уверите, че отговаря на правните нужди или на вашата ситуация. Не използвайте тази форма, за да изпратите правно искане до Jotform.