Send Custom Autoresponder Emails

Create automated emails and notifications with Jotform! When someone fills out your online form, they’ll get an email automatically — great for sending notifications, files, and more. Set up autoresponder emails in minutes with no coding required.

Cut out manual work by sending emails automatically with Jotform. Set up autoresponder emails, send emails later, attach files, edit email templates, set up SMTP, and make autoresponder emails HIPAA compliant.

Boost productivity with autoresponder emails

Automate your workflow by sending custom automated emails to users as soon as they fill out your online form.

Set up autoresponder emails

Automatically send pre-written emails to the people who fill out your form. Add recipients, attach PDFs and other files, change the email body content, and more.

Send emails later

You don’t need to send autoresponder emails instantly upon submission. Feel free to schedule your autoresponders to go out at a later date by choosing a custom time period or a specific date after the form is submitted.

Attach files to autoresponder emails

Attach files to your autoresponder emails to send additional information to the people who fill out your forms. Supported file types include PDF, DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPG, and JPEG.

Edit email templates

Customize your autoresponder or notification email templates so they work perfectly for your needs. In the Jotform Form Builder, go to Settings and click on the Emails tab. You can then change the email layout, select a different font, upload photos, and more.

Set up SMTP for a form

Send your autoresponder emails and notifications through a specified server with SMTP. To set up autoresponder emails with SMTP, go to your account settings, scroll to the Sender Emails section, and click the Add Sender Email button. You can then enter your SMTP details, and even send a test email to test your new settings.

Make notifications and autoresponders HIPAA compliant

Since email is considered an insecure channel, autoresponder emails containing protected health information (PHI) aren’t HIPAA compliant. However, you can stay HIPAA compliant when using autoresponder emails as long as the emails don’t contain any PHI. Just preselect the PHI fields to omit from your emails.

How to send Autoresponder Emails?

Whether you’d like to send a confirmation email, send attendees event details, or forward your customers additional information, setting up an autoresponder is a great way to do it efficiently.

How to send Autoresponder Emails?