Email Notifications for Submissions

Get notified instantly about form activity so you can respond to submissions without delay. Create advanced online forms with Jotform and get email notifications for each new response.

Customize email notifications, set up autoresponders, and schedule reminders for your forms. Send emails to multiple recipients, change recipient settings, attach files, and more!

Get submission notification emails

Keep track of new submissions with instant email notifications for your form. You can customize your email notification settings, update recipient info, and set up autoresponders without any coding.

Create notifications and reminders

Receive instant email notifications for every new form submission. Send form fillers email notifications and reminders automatically.

Update recipient email addresses

Add or change recipients by updating email addresses in your notification settings.

Set up autoresponders

Automatically send custom emails to form fillers. Send users confirmation emails, copies of their submissions, and more.

Send emails to multiple recipients

Send email notifications to more than one person at a time. Add multiple recipient email addresses in your notification settings.

Attach files to email notifications

Receive files uploaded through your form as email attachments. You can also upload images or documents to send with your autoresponders.

Customize the notification email template

Edit the default email template for your notifications and autoresponders. Change the email subject line, body content, and template name with ease.

Notification Email from Jotform

Get notified of new form submissions instantly with Jotform! Whether you’re sending notifications to team members or confirmations to form users, in this short video tutorial to learn how to set up email notifications that send automatically upon submission.

Notification Email from Jotform