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Form theme for birthday celebration

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Clever Colorful

Intelligent coloré

Wow your form users with this colorful and organized form theme! Enjoy a cute confetti background and different color form fields for all your needs. Use the colors as is, or customize to your exact liking seamlessly.

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Far Out!

Far Out!

Enjoy a colorful, eerie design set against a black, starry background. This theme glows a striking green around its edges, resembling the back light feature of some modern TVs. Perfect for star ship crews and sci-fi lovers alike.

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Bright and Cheerful

Lumineux et joyeux

This Bright and Cheerful theme delivers on its title! The backdrop shows a bright blue sky, sunshine, and children flying kites, and — when paired with the neat interface — this theme will put all your users in a good mood.

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This postcard form is a beautiful and memorable way to get information from your site visitors.

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Coffee Break


Our cheerful Coffee Break theme will make users excited to disconnect for a few minutes over a warm (or cold) drink. With a bright and colorful backdrop, this theme is easy to customize to your needs.

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Facebook Auto

Facebook Auto

The Facebook Auto theme is perfect if you intend to make a form that bypasses the hassles of adding, messaging, or searching on Facebook. Whether you want to share contacts or information, use this Facebook Auto theme to meet your needs.

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Bring up the energy with a bright and cheerful Balloon theme! Covered with colorful, mismatching hot air balloons and party balloons, you can use this theme for party invitations, surveys, polls, and more.

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Warm and Colorful

Warm and Colorful

Soak up the sun with our Warm and Colorful theme! Perfect for your next summer form, this theme features bright yellow and orange colors that instantly make users more cheerful. Don’t hesitate to lighten up the mood on your next form.

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Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas Tree Lights

Ho ho ho! In need of a festive Christmas theme for all your winter newsletters or forms? Check out this Christmas Tree Lights theme with bokeh style Christmas lights on a tree to get your form users in the holiday spirit!

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Purple Galaxy

Galaxie nuances de violets

colorful galaxy theme

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Thenew Miracle

Thenew Miracle

Sharing God's word

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A propos des Coloré

Who does not get cheerful with colourful online forms? The soul of purple, pink, blue, orange raises your energy level and makes you joyful.