Jotform Report Builder Veelgestelde vragen

Check out these frequently asked questions to learn more about Report Builder and how it can help you create polished, customized reports.

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  • Wat is Jotform Report Builder?

    Jotform Report Builder is a powerful reporting and presentation tool that creates charts, infographics, and presentations. Report Builder uses the data from your forms to build a polished presentation.

  • Hoe krijg ik toegang tot Jotform Report Builder?

    To create your first report, start by building a survey, poll, or other type of form. Share it with your audience and collect some submissions. Then go to the My Forms page, choose the form you would like to create a report for, and follow these instructions:

    • Plaats de muisaanwijzer op een formulier en selecteer meer.
    • Selecteer Openen in Reports.
    • Enter a name for your report and choose the type of report you want to create.

    U kunt ook naar de pagina Mijn Rapporten gaan om rapporten te bekijken die u al hebt gemaakt.

  • Bij welke abonnementen is Jotform Report Builder inbegrepen?

    Jotform Report Builder is available with every plan. Whether you’re on our free Starter plan or you’ve upgraded for additional storage or HIPAA compliance features, you can always create professional reports to showcase your form data.

  • Hoeveel rapporten kan ik maken?

    Zoveel als je wilt! Er zijn geen limieten voor het aantal rapporten dat u kunt maken.

  • Hoe kan ik automatisch een rapport maken?

    If you don’t feel like building a report from scratch, select the Extended or Compact Report layout to generate your report and auto-populate it with your form data.

  • Kan ik mijn rapport downloaden als PDF bestand?

    Ja, u kunt uw rapport als PDF downloaden door te klikken op het downloadpictogram in de Jotform Report Builder.

  • Kan ik mijn rapport downloaden als PowerPoint bestand?

    Helaas, deze functie is momenteel niet beschikbaar.

  • Kan ik mijn rapport delen?

    Yes, Jotform Report Builder allows you to share your reports with coworkers, clients, stakeholders, and more. Make your reports public, private, or available only to members of your company. For time-sensitive reports, you can set custom expiration dates to control how long users can access them.

  • Kan ik mijn rapport insluiten?

    Yes, without doing any coding, you can display your live report wherever you want. Simply copy and paste the auto-generated embed code to embed your report directly in your website or a content platform like Medium or WordPress. Embedded reports will update automatically with real-time data.

  • Kan ik mijn eigen data importeren om een rapport te maken?

    Yes, you have the option to import additional data from CSV or Excel files into Jotform. Our Report Builder will then be able to generate reports using the data in your imported files.

  • Wordt mijn rapport bijgewerkt wanneer een nieuwe inzending is ontvangen?

    Yes, your report will update automatically with each new submission, giving you the most accurate data as quickly as possible.

  • Kan ik filters toepassen wanneer ik mijn rapport maak?

    Yes, you can easily filter your report to organize and display relevant data. Just click the Filter icon next to the search bar, select the form fields, and add conditions for the filter.

  • Is het mogelijk om gegevens uit meerdere formulieren te gebruiken om één rapport te maken?

    Unfortunately, no. Currently our Report Builder is able to auto-generate reports based on submissions from one form at a time.

    For reports that require multiple forms, consider using the Combine Submissions integration as a workaround. This tool allows you to combine submission data from two different forms into one CSV file.

  • Kan ik de grafiekgegevens van mijn rapport bewerken?

    No, not from our Report Builder. Since the data presented in your chart is directly based on form submissions and imported data, the only way to edit your chart’s data is by editing the actual form submissions.

  • Kunnen HIPAA-accounts Jotform Report Builder gebruiken?

    Yes, users with HIPAA compliance features can use our Report Builder to generate reports with patient feedback and medical data.

  • Is Jotform Report Builder beschikbaar voor Enterprise-accounts?

    Ja, Jotform Report Builder is beschikbaar voor Jotform Enterprise-gebruikers. Neem contact op met ons Enterprise sales team voor meer informatie.