Discover How People and Organizations
Use Jotform

Discover How People and Organizations Use Jotform

Selling Beastly Weight Equipment

Selling products over the web can be a challenge. Learn how this Sacramento-based small business uses a Jotform order form to sell weight lifting equipment to customers all around the world.

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Helping Chicago’s Youth

Every penny counts for nonprofits. So it was crucial for this Chicago-based nonprofit to find an affordable, simple-to-use way to collect donations online and register event attendees. Find out how Jotform helps.

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Crafting the Perfect Cupcake

While you can buy cupcakes from their shop in person, the bulk of this San Francisco-based bakery’s sales come from large, custom online orders. A Jotform form helps customers specify the types and quantities of cupcakes they want.

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Broadcasting Your Favorite PBS Shows

Cincinnati’s local PBS station, WCET, does more than just broadcasting TV shows, it also produces original content and hosts educational workshops around the city. Jotform helps them get the volunteers they need to thrive.

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More Ways to use Jotform

Jotform’s easy-to-use form builder has helped organizations of all types collect and manage their important information since 2006. Get started making your first form today!