Track Forms with Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics

Better analyze your data by connecting your Jotform forms with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. View analytics for submissions, form fields, thank you pages, and more. Boost conversion rates and make better decisions for your business.

Track and analyze form activity with Google Tag Manager and our Google Analytics widget. You can track form field entries, set up custom thank you page URLs, manage form field variables, and more!

Track Submissions with Google Analytics

Analyze customer data and learn how to increase your conversion rates by connecting your online forms with Google Analytics.

Track specific form fields

Get analytics for specific fields on your form. Find each form field’s unique name and Form ID in the Jotform Form Builder and view it in Google Tag Manager.

Set up a custom thank you page URL

Insert GTM code into your custom thank you page to track how users interact with it.

Create form field variables in Google Tag Manager

Add form fields as user-defined variables in Google Tag Manager to track form field analytics individually.