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Magical Art

Art magique

Colorful pinkish background with flower motives. Solid purple form.

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Warm Red

Rouge chaleureux

Beautiful energizing red header. It makes the form looks warm and positive.

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For all our users who love a mix of warm and cool colors — this is the theme for you. Our Chartreuse theme boasts a lovely yellowish-green hue that brings all the retro vibes. Perfect for livening up any form!

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Contact with Envelopes

Contact motif enveloppes

This simple theme gets the job done when you need to collect contact information. With only two small yellow and lime green envelopes in the upper right-hand corner, your users will be free of over-the-top distractions so they can submit their details!

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Christmas Buddy

Noël Ho ho ho

Ho ho ho! Have a happy holiday with this ready-made Christmas Buddy theme. Enjoy a cute and festival background with basic form fields for your holiday needs. Make your audience feel welcome with Santa and his trusty reindeer.

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Our jewelry form theme brings the bling to your forms! With a bright green background covered in graphic diamonds and sparkles, this theme is perfect for custom jewelry orders, registration forms, or jewelry sale events.

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Use the beautiful Environmental theme on all your nature-related forms or just to give your form some polish. Contact: https://form.jotformpro.com/batreeq/contact

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This is a hostel booking for with 2Checkout payment. You can apply this theme into any form types.

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The Connected theme speeds up the form-filling process by keeping all of the form fields connected together — it can be used for all your form needs, from surveys to contact forms to registrations and more!

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New Year Party

Fête du Nouvel An

Use this festive and classy theme for your New Year's forms.

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Sometimes you need to keep your forms buttoned up to maintain a professional image. This Business theme is perfect to close deals, register clients, perform outreach, conduct surveys, and more! You can easily add in your company logo, too.

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Embrace the bright lights with our stunning City theme. Featuring a backdrop of a sprawling urban landscape, this theme is perfect for event registration forms, travel surveys, or any other forms aimed at big city lovers!

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Dreamy Clouds

Dreamy Clouds

A form theme for travel forms. Designed for travel agencies and companies.

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Web Design

Configuration web

Form theme form designers.

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Black Hole

Black Hole

This is a space theme with a black hole page background. The area immediately behind the content is elegantly blurred to the background with slight noise. This has a precise balance of color, design, and creativity while preserving a clean and modern touc

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Holiday Sweatshirt

Holiday Sweatshirt

Do you want to transform your forms into a holiday theme? This one's for you!

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This is my own theme

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True Madness

True Madness

Insanity at it's finest!

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