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Frosty Blue

Bleu Glacier

Organizing a national park or hiking getaway? Try this Frosty Blue theme! With its frosty, dark blue high-quality image background and a blend of transparency levels, a refreshing chill will come over your form users.

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Beautiful Night

Magnifique nuit

Channel a clear, quiet night sky full of stars with this Beautiful Night theme. Enjoy a script font and a semi-transparent background to add some tranquility to your forms — and feel free to customize to your exact needs with no coding required!

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Sunset Hair

Cheveux au coucher du soleil

Fully mobile responsive theme designed for any types of form. It's plain, minimal and simple.

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It's simple techy background. Form you can use for business or any IT industry.

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Crossed Stripes

Rayures croisées

The Crossed Stripes theme contains light, transparent crossed stripes that may remind users of their time in math class (mostly kidding). This generic theme can be used for any of your form needs, whether it be surveys, evaluations, and more.

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Legal Services Form Theme

Legal Services Form Theme

Need an eye-catching contact form for your law firm or legal services business? Featuring a green background with a person sitting on a “Lawsuits” headline, this ready-made Legal Services Form theme is perfect to gather submissions from prospective cl

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Pet Society

Société de services animaliers

A form theme for pet lovers, pet businesses or non-profit animal rescue organizations. It's inputs are beautifully designed with transparent effect. The sticky text information can be easily changed on the form builder.

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Producciones DC

Producciones DC

Vintage advertising Signs background with a transparent form with light grey fields.

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Default Theme

Thème par défaut

Use this basic, simple theme for all your form needs. This theme is straight to the point and gets the job done. Add more form elements or switch up the theme’s colors to fit your needs seamlessly.

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Elegant Responsive

Elegant Responsive

This simple and response-driven form theme keeps things simple so users can complete their forms quickly. With a transparent background and light colors, this theme can be used for any of your form needs!

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Responsive Blue Sidebar Form

Responsive Blue Sidebar Form

This simple form was originally designed for use by a law firm, but its simple layout and font styles make it a great choice for any minimal layout. The form scales to its parent container up to a max-width of 600px. It features a transparent backgrou

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COVID 19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing

With a simple background and soothing blue form boxes, this COVID-19 Testing theme is perfect for medical professionals and COVID-19 testing volunteers. Keep your community healthy with this useful theme!

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Avengers Bill Split Form

Avengers Bill Split Form

Make splitting the bill with your cast of friends easy and fun with this Avengers Bill Split theme. Enjoy the fun of sharing a super-powered meal and the transparency of what you owe.

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RiverWorks Original Theme

Thème original RiverWorks

Rounded Fields Blue text No borders Circular Buttons

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A propos des Transparent

Transparent form themes are like that there is a clear layer between you and the form's background. In other words, they seem futuristic. You should try it!