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This theme has a nice background picture, large fonts and large input fields.

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Green Dot Design

Vert design pois bulles

Green, teal, stripe, dot, bubble, fun desktop contact form. Perfect for stylish websites with this color scheme.

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For all our users who love a mix of warm and cool colors — this is the theme for you. Our Chartreuse theme boasts a lovely yellowish-green hue that brings all the retro vibes. Perfect for livening up any form!

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Teal Christmas

Noël turquoise

Christmas teal background color with a lovely Christmas greetings

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Black Coffee!!

Black Coffee!!

A stunning responsive theme for entrepreneurs who love to make business over a coffee, sleek design to attract more response from interesting people.

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Sans prétention

Simple, plain and flat. It has large input, large text and large button.

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Cool and Minimal

Cool et minimal

This Cool and Minimal theme is exactly that! With a soothing steely-seafoam background color and white font this theme is perfect for registrations, payments, surveys, and more! Keep it cool with this theme.

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A Model Woman

Femme mannequin

Background featuring a modern model in fuchsia leggins and straight red headed hairstyle.

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Big Blue

Grand Bleu

Why over-complicate your forms? Our Big Blue theme is simple, but it gets the job done — and it’s easy to customize form elements. With large text and clear input fields, this theme is inclusive and great for users who are visually impaired.

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The Big theme is a classic. It emphasizes large font and form fields to make sure that anybody who uses your form will be able to read it well. This is the ultimate theme for widespread use, and you can customize it with your own logo, images, and colors.

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Glowing Green

Glowing Green

A theme for St Patrick's Day.

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Kissing Illussion

Kissing Illussion

Capturing the perfect moments to remember? Use our wedding photography theme with a kissing couple in the background and transparent form for details of the upload of selection.

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Best Dad

Best Dad

Father's Day Theme. Fancy fields, clean and clear design.

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Atlas du monde

Social Media header with big inputs

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This theme will automatically create two column layout on shrunken fields. Fields like matrix table, form collapse and page break are customized. It has big text inputs and green styled buttons. Simple elegant theme.

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The Connected theme speeds up the form-filling process by keeping all of the form fields connected together — it can be used for all your form needs, from surveys to contact forms to registrations and more!

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Big Blue New

Big Blue New

Alternative big blue theme with all URLs on HTTPS

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A theme for pet adoption with a captivating cat background.

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Fall Contact

Fall Contact

Make your form looks attractive this fall using this fall contact theme. This theme is mobile responsive, works great on all field types including payment fields. [Image designed by]

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Simple 2 colored design with big text inputs.

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Student Movement

Student Movement

Elegant theme for your Call to Action (CTA) forms.

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Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter

A full-screen newsletter form theme for your landing page or your website.

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Stay In Touch

Stay In Touch

Form theme for single field newsletter form.

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Newsletter form that is perfect for your landing page

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