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Gradient Glass

Gradient Glass

Beautiful, clean, short. Perfect for mobile. Try to fill the form and magic begins. Gradient background from blue to pink.

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Simple Grey

Gris simple

This form shows a multipage effect with animated slide down title. It can be customized in many different ways such as the animations the colors different fields.

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For all our users who love a mix of warm and cool colors — this is the theme for you. Our Chartreuse theme boasts a lovely yellowish-green hue that brings all the retro vibes. Perfect for livening up any form!

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Ghosts on the Move

Ghosts on the Move

Use this mobile-friendly Halloween party theme where friendly ghosts can be seen floating around the background. This theme is wonderful for Halloween party planning or organizing a spooky movie night.

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This Foggy Form theme is great for planning your next gloomy day activity or class sign ups, Enjoy a fancy header, minimal input, and flat green buttons. It's a little bit unclear white just like foggy days.

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Green Blue Box Layout

Bleu avec bouton vert

This minimal Green Blue Box theme is perfect for any type of form. With its simple yet versatile styling, you can use this theme for newsletters, contact forms, applications, and more!

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Far Out!

Far Out!

Enjoy a colorful, eerie design set against a black, starry background. This theme glows a striking green around its edges, resembling the back light feature of some modern TVs. Perfect for star ship crews and sci-fi lovers alike.

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Get information from your visitors with this postcard-style form.

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Cool and Minimal

Cool et minimal

This Cool and Minimal theme is exactly that! With a soothing steely-seafoam background color and white font this theme is perfect for registrations, payments, surveys, and more! Keep it cool with this theme.

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Dark Tech

Tech mode sombre

Enjoy this Dark Tech themed form with bright, beautiful green header and fancy inputs that will be sure to catch any users’ attention. Great for contact forms, short forms, or mobile forms of any occasion.

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Legal Services Form Theme

Legal Services Form Theme

Need an eye-catching contact form for your law firm or legal services business? Featuring a green background with a person sitting on a “Lawsuits” headline, this ready-made Legal Services Form theme is perfect to gather submissions from prospective cl

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Light Lines

Light Lines

This sleek Light Lines theme is the perfect pair for business contact forms, job applications, payment forms, and more! Enjoy a sleek pale blue background and delicate white font. This theme embodies cool, calm, and collected!

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Fancy icons and inputs

Icônes fantaisistes

Get information from your visitors with these custom icons and fancy inputs.

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Gift from Santa

Gift from Santa

registration form to reaceive gift from santa..

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Blue Envelope

Enveloppe bleue

Pure CSS blue envelope form theme. Perfectly designed for desktop and mobile devices.

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Smart PDF Forms Theme

Thème des formulaires PDF intelligents

This is a cool and clean theme for smart pdf forms. It is also suitable for normal forms too. Have fun!

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White Columns

White Columns

Art background

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Credit Theme

Credit Theme

Form for financial advisors, credit repair agents, and other economic entrepreneurs looking to put their best foot forward with lead collection.

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Roles Anime Club WINTER

Roles Anime Club WINTER

INVIERNO #008c8f #044345 © 2020 by OmegaPears

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Lease Agreement

Contrat de location

Lease agreement

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Elegant Responsive

Elegant Responsive

This simple and response-driven form theme keeps things simple so users can complete their forms quickly. With a transparent background and light colors, this theme can be used for any of your form needs!

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Responsive Blue Sidebar Form

Responsive Blue Sidebar Form

This simple form was originally designed for use by a law firm, but its simple layout and font styles make it a great choice for any minimal layout. The form scales to its parent container up to a max-width of 600px. It features a transparent backgrou

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