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A Fancy Theme with sports in the background and a centered white translucent form. Customizable.

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Contact Card

Contact Card

Short and simple contact card form theme with a clipart of a man in header. If you want forms on your website side bars or just small forms for your website, use this form theme.

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Form theme with minimal light colors ideal for schools and nonprofit forms.

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County Fair

County Fair

Form theme for recreational gathering or celebration

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Wedding Photography Contract

Contrat photographie de mariage

A form theme designed for wedding contract or wedding related forms.

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Payment Options

Champs de paiement

Want to select how you pay? Use our form theme for payment forms. Header with a keyboard background. Body with a translucent watermark of a cricket player. Exo2 font family.

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Landing Contact

Landing Contact

When you need contact landing page, but have no time to build it.

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Gradient Glass

Gradient Glass

Beautiful, clean, short. Perfect for mobile. Try to fill the form and magic begins. Gradient background from blue to pink.

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Simple Grey

Gris simple

This form shows a multipage effect with animated slide down title. It can be customized in many different ways such as the animations the colors different fields.

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Green Headers

Green Headers

Simple Contact Us form for websites.

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Good, Bad and The Ugly

Le Bon, la Brute et le Truand

Give some impression with a great Clint Eastwood style

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Red Ninja

Rouge avec Ninja

Simple form theme with a Red ninja clip art design on the form.

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Mad Libs

Mad Libs à remplir

Get information from your visitors with this Mad Libs-style form.

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Get in touch form. Gradient pink background with a clear,clean white form.

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Warm Red

Rouge chaleureux

Beautiful energizing red header. It makes the form looks warm and positive.

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Simple Red Green

Simple Red Green

It is a simple form theme with red and green initials' color. Blurred gradient brown to blueish in the background.

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This is based on bootstrap v3 UI - Blue theme. All field types are customized including buttons, collapse, and matrix table.

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This Foggy Form theme is great for planning your next gloomy day activity or class sign ups, Enjoy a fancy header, minimal input, and flat green buttons. It's a little bit unclear white just like foggy days.

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Green Blue Box Layout

Bleu avec bouton vert

This minimal Green Blue Box theme is perfect for any type of form. With its simple yet versatile styling, you can use this theme for newsletters, contact forms, applications, and more!

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Rich Purple

Rich Purple

Mobile responsive deep purple theme

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I kontak


Iphone form theme design is elegantly designed for the iPhone lovers with a submit button that has pulse animation effect.

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Vintage Christmas

Noël vintage

Minimal vintage Christmas theme

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Minimal Orange

Minimaliste orange

Orange background minimal contact form theme.

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Minimalist Rounded Corners

Minimalist Rounded Corners

Simple Design with soft edges.

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A propos des Minimaliste

If you do not like colourful or figured form themes, Jotform offers you minimal online form themes that make your forms clean and simple.