Jotform app on iPhone no longer syncs forms on the internet

  • spatlab
    Gevraagd op 28 november 2023 om 02:24

    Ik heb namen toegevoegd aan mijn formulieren op het internet, die zie ik niet terug in de app op mijn iphone.

  • Victorino_S Jotform Support
    Geantwoord op 28 november 2023 om 06:51

    Hi spatlab,

    Thanks for reaching out to Jotform Support. Unfortunately, our Dutch Support agents are busy helping other Jotform users at the moment. I'll try to help you in English using Google Translate, but you can reply in whichever language you feel comfortable using. Or, if you'd rather have support in Dutch, let us know, and we can have them do that. But keep in mind that you'd have to wait until they're available again.

    Now, let me help you with your question. I'm sorry you are having issues with this. Can you please try to uninstall and reinstall the Jotform Mobile App in your device to see if it makes a difference? If the same thing happens again, we'll investigate it more to see if we can figure out what's going on. It would help us to understand what’s happening if you could take a screenshot and send it to us. We have a guide here explaining how to do that.

    Give it a try, and let us know how it goes.