Password Protect Your Form

Take full control of your forms and submissions. Enable password protection to prevent unwanted submissions and keep your forms private.

Create secure online forms with password protection and stop unwanted submissions. Grant form access for limited-time offers, private event registrations, internal company forms, and more.

Control Who Fills Out Your Form

Stop form spam by enabling password protection. Ensure that only the right people will have access to your custom online form.

Offer limited-time discounts

Set a unique password to provide discounts to a specific group of customers or clients.

Get registrations for private events

Receive registration info only from members of your guest list to avoid unwanted submissions and make sure your event stays exclusive.

Create internal company forms

Password protect your company’s internal forms to keep them private.

*Password: JotFormisthebest!

Give early-bird access

Set a password to give select customers exclusive early-bird access to your products or services.

Enable Password Protection

Protect your forms by setting a password in just a few clicks. Only users who know the password will be able to access and fill out your form.

Set a form password

Create password-protected forms without coding. You can toggle the password visibility and reset it at any time.

Can I password protect PDF attachments?

Yes, you can automatically send a copy of the user’s completed form submission to them as a password-protected PDF.

Set a password for PDFs

Set up an autoresponder email to send users a PDF copy of their completed form. In the advanced email settings, toggle the PDF attachment setting to on, and enable password protection. Then enter the password. It’s that easy!

How to password protect your Jotform forms?

Adding a password to your form helps prevent unwanted submissions and ensure you’re getting the data you need. Learn how to set up secure online forms with password protection and boost your form security in less than a minute with this short video tutorial.

How to password protect your Jotform forms?