Create GDPR-Compliant Forms for Free

Make your own GDPR-compliant forms for free with Jotform. Gather contact details, payments, e-signatures, and other data in line with GDPR requirements.

Collect and store data with GDPR-compliant online forms. Jotform offers powerful security measures, form encryption, Data Processing Addendums (DPAs), and the option to store your data on EU servers. You can also display your privacy policy directly on your forms.

Stay GDPR Compliant With Jotform

No matter what industry you belong to, securely gather data for your business with custom GDPR forms.

Data Processing Addendum

Receive a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) that reflects Jotform’s data privacy and security agreements and offers contractual terms to help you meet GDPR requirements.

Store your data on EU servers

If you’re located in or do business in the European Union (EU), store your form data on EU servers in a few quick clicks.

Collect data securely

All Jotform data is stored with a secure 256-bit SSL connection, PCI compliance, CCPA compliance, and an option to upgrade for HIPAA compliance.

Encrypt your forms

Add an extra layer of security to your GDPR forms with optional form encryption. You’ll receive a unique key that allows you — and only you — to access your online form data.

Display your privacy policy

Build trust with your customers by personalizing your privacy policy and adding it to your online forms with a paragraph field or Terms & Conditions widget.