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Discover how Jotform Store Builder works

Discover the top 17 Jotform Store Builder features that help you create your online store. Jotform’s free no-code Store Builder allows you to sell products, services, or subscriptions, or collect donations in a single app that works on any device. Get started today to grow your business or nonprofit.

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Jotform Store Builder in 2 minutes!

Introducing Jotform Store Builder: How to Get Started

store builder

No coding required. Just drag and drop to add your products to your product lists without any coding. Don't forget to upload product images and add descriptions!

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Advanced product options

Offer different options for each product and include descriptions and images. Discover the best product details to include with our premade product details page. View each product's information on a single page.

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Split up what you're selling into multiple pages or product categories. Make it easier for customers to browse for what they need.

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Уграђена корпа за куповину Jotform кретора Продавница омогућава купцима да додају артикле у своју корпу и да их касније пронађу тако што ће се пријавити у твоју продавницу. Са интерфејсом који је једноставан за коришћење и поједностављеним процесом наплате, нагомилаваћеш поруџбине, а истовремено олакшавате живот себи и својим клијентима.

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Give customers an easy way to save their favorite items in your online store. Your customers can easily access the products they love by logging into your store from any device.

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Allow customers to access their app history at their own convenience. Users logged into your custom store app can view their previous order details.

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25+ система за плаћање

Connect with one of 25+ payment gateways to receive payments online — while paying no extra transaction fees to Jotform! Popular options include PayPal, Square, Stripe, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

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Multiple payment methods

Give your customers more ways to pay, so they can pay the way they want. Jotform lets you collect debit or credit card payments, mobile payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay, and even accept purchase orders online to get paid later in person.

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Secure and safe payments

Rest easy knowing your customers' payment data is protected with a 256-bit SSL connection as well as PSD2, CCPA, GDPR, and PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, giving customers peace of mind when buying from your business.

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80+ powerful store widgets

Build your own online store with Jotform's 80+ ready-to-use store widgets. Simply drag and drop to add product lists, headers, text boxes, videos, maps, social media links, and more in just a few clicks.

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Флексибилан дизајнер апликација

Each online store you build — be it from scratch or from a template — is easy to customize. Jotform’s drag-and-drop elements are perfect for creating a design that fits your needs and branding.

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Make it easier for customers to find your store with a custom URL that includes both your organization’s and your app’s name. In a few clicks, you can create a personalized URL that works for you. You can also create custom links for each form within your online store to make sharing even easier.

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Advanced sharing & publishing options

Share your online store with your audience fast. Send your link via an email, generate a QR code for easy scannability, or paste the link into your social accounts. You can also update permission settings to keep your online store private, public, or accessible only to members of your business.

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Compatible with
all devices

Shoppers can use your store on all devices — whether that be a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. They can access and download your store onto any Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS device.

Downloadable for mobile or desktop

With Jotform Store Builder’s built-in progressive web apps (PWA) technology, customers can add your app to their home screen and use it like a native app. Your app will reflect any updates instantly, use less data than traditional apps, and work in low-connectivity areas.

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Seamlessly embed your store in your website with a copy-paste embed code. You can also share your store app by sending out email invitations, posting the store link in your social media bios, or generating a unique QR code that users can scan with their mobile devices.

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