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Sell your T-shirts online and safely collect card payments with a T-shirt order form. Make your form look as good as your T-shirts with JotForm's drag-and-drop Form Builder — easily add images, change colors, or include your logo to give the template a personal touch. Why not integrate your form with a payment gateway to collect secure payments online? You'll process more orders, more efficiently with our T-Shirt Order Forms — we've got streamlining your workflow down to a T!

To safely collect online payments, simply integrate with your preferred payment processor. JotForm offers more than 30 secure payment apps to choose from, including Square and PayPal. With both PCI and GDPR compliance, you won’t have to worry about jeopardizing your customers’ card information. You can even link your form to your CRM systems, email marketing lists, and spreadsheets to keep better track of orders and stay connected to customers. With custom T-Shirt Order Forms in your pocket, your store will improve online sales, stay more organized, and save time better spent designing the next best-selling T-shirt!

Tshirt Sipariş Etme Formu


Her tshirtü bu şık formla yakalayın(tshirt fotoğrafları kolayca eklenebilir!)

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Tişört Sipariş Formu


Bu her cihazda çalışan form ile tişört siparişleri ve online ödemelerini hiç çaba sarfetmeden gerçekleştirebilirsiniz.

E-ticaret Formları

Kişiselleştirilmiş Tişört Sipariş Formu


Tişört siparişleri için kullanılabilecek bir form.

İş Formları

Tişört sipariş formu nedir?

A T-shirt order form is used to sell T-shirts for your business, fundraiser, or sports team. With an online T-shirt order form, you can do away with messy paper forms and phone orders, and accept T-shirt orders and card payments directly through your website.

Neden çevrimiçi tişört sipariş formunu kullanmalıyım?

If you want to boost sales and gain more customers, selling your T-shirts online is the way to do it. With an online T-shirt order form on your store’s website, you can seamlessly process orders and payments all in one go — which means no more back-and-forth emails with customers or delayed payments! Plus, you’ll automate your workflow with an order form that does all the hard work for you, so you can spend less time sorting orders and more time designing your next best seller.

Çevrimiçi tişört sipariş formunu nasıl kullanabilirim?

After you’ve made your T-shirts, it’s time to start selling them online! Just select your favorite T-shirt order form and customize it to match your store. Then publish it online by copying and pasting your form’s unique embed code into your website’s HTML, share the link via social media or email newsletter, and watch the orders stream in.

Tişört sipariş formumu nasıl özelleştirebilirim?

With JotForm’s user-friendly Form Builder, customizing your T-shirt order form template is easy. Simply drag and drop form fields to add your products, integrate with your preferred payment processor, sync with third-party apps, and more. You can even choose a form theme, include your company logo, and upload photos of your T-shirts to get the exact look you want.

Tişört sipariş formum aracılığıyla ödemeleri nasıl kabul ederim?

Collecting payments through your online form is simple. Just drag and drop your preferred payment gateway into your form, set up the integration by logging into your payment account, and publish the form to start accepting payments online. JotForm offers 30+ payment gateways to choose from, so whether you prefer Square, Stripe, PayPal, or another trusted provider, you’re free to collect money the way you want to.

Can I integrate my order form with other apps?

To help speed up your workflow, JotForm offers more than 130 powerful integrations with popular web tools. Link your T-shirt order form to your file storage apps or CRM systems to keep better track of customers and their orders. Got a newsletter with updates on the latest clothing trends? Connect with Mailchimp to automatically register new subscribers. And for seamless payment processing, just integrate with one of our payment gateways to start accepting card payments online!

Will my T-shirt order form work on mobile devices?

Yes. JotForm’s online order forms adapt to any device, meaning customers can seamlessly buy your clothing products at home or on the go. Take it a step further with our free mobile app, JotForm Mobile Forms — edit and view submissions wherever you are, even without internet access!