Formulários para Votações

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Whether you’re running a straw poll, employee of the month poll, or any other type of election, get the submissions you need with free online Voting Forms from JotForm! Begin by choosing a template below that mostly closely matches your needs — then embed your custom voting form in your website or share it with a link to start securely receiving responses from any device. You can present your voting form results using JotForm Report Builder, which automatically turns submissions into visualized reports — or if you’d like to sync your submissions to other accounts, do it with 100+ free integrations with popular platforms. Stop running your elections on paper and speed up the process with secure online Voting Forms!


Sistema de votação online para eleição de representante discente em colegiado de cursos de graduação.


Allocation Form

An allocation form that can be used for multiple purposes that will allow you to allocate a specific amount of product, coin, investment, etc. to different groups.


Formulário de Inscrição em Universidade

Faça sua inscrição na Universidade preenchendo este formulário.


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