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Cups and Cakes

Complex Orders Made Easy: JotForm is Icing on the Cake for Busy Bakery


For Jennifer Emerson, her journey towards awesome cupcake-making started in the summer of 2007. She’d just finished up a year of teaching and was dabbling with baking, but her friends convinced her that it needed to be much more than that. After some consideration, Cups and Cakes was born from her very own home kitchen, which led to her opening a San Francisco storefront two years later.

Over the years, Cups and Cakes Bakery has developed a reputation as having some of the best cupcakes in all of the Bay Area (and we can attest, they are fantastic!). SF Weekly even included them as one of their “Top 10 Cupcake Spots.” They dish out over 50 flavors, more than any reasonable person could try in a single sitting, all from the pinkest storefront in Northern California. 

San Francisco Bakery

Although regulars trickle into her shop throughout the day to get their fix, the lifeblood of Jen’s business is delivering custom orders of cupcakes to businesses all around town. For that, she needed a way to manage requests and collect orders, because back-and-forth emails just weren’t cutting it the more her business grew. That’s where JotForm came in. 

Jen created a cake order form with JotForm that lets her customers choose delivery window slots, upload custom decoration images, make special dietary requests, add candles or handmade cards, and ask any additional questions they might have. And it’s all embedded straight onto her website. 

Online Form

Things at the shop are busy. On a normal day, Cups and Cakes sends out 10 large, custom deliveries to companies and events all around town. Her cupcakes have become staples in the offices of many of the famous tech companies in San Francisco (talk about company perks!). 


She found she could also use JotForm for other operational needs, like collecting job applications, scheduling wedding tastings, booking catering gigs, and as a purchase form that customers can use for special deals. Regardless of the form type, all the information collected is neatly stored in her JotForm account. 


Jen’s in the business of making cupcakes, not coding complex forms. JotForm provided her a solution that was both intuitive and economically priced. And by having a system in place for streamlining the order process, she’s able to grow her business without being burdened by back-and-forth questions with customers. 

JotForm makes order forms easy. Start by checking out our order form templates, or build a new one from scratch. And don’t forget how easy it is to collect payment straight from your form, by integrating with one of JotForm’s payment processor partners

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